Sunday, April 27, 2008

They Are Airborne!

I'm almost finished! Just need to put the backing on the butterfly appliques, heat set the center press with the iron, and attach them with springs. The picture above shows the beaded edge. This is an easy and effective finish to do with small beads and a whip stitch. You can use a sharp instead of a beading needle if you're driving it through Trimtex or Flexifirm because beading needles tend to break. Just use a bead that you test with the eye side of your needle to be sure it slides over.

I used some lavender and turquoise clear rocailles that Cindy and I found on eBay. I also added a row of the hologram sequins anchored with a rocaille to tie it together with the bra bead and sequin pattern. There are AB celendon green bugles used as accents. If you click on the pix you can see a larger picture and maybe a bit more detail. The long beaded strands you see are the ends of the long tassel which will go over center front of her 10" long beaded fringe. I'm still working on it.

I opted to use feathers and am really pleased with he results! I used colors from the brocade and the airbrush paints that I'll be painting her wings with. I think the feathers add a wonderfully tacky background to the wings and give them that outre' that Cindy's character Tessie would have her retired seamstress make her. Bottom left corner shows one of the appliques turned over so you can see the feather application to the back - again with good ole Aleene's Super Fabric glue. Click on it for a better look. I'll trim the quills when I've let them set a bit more and then make a back lining of the brocade. Should have the pantie skirt finished and think I'll make it a separate piece so that she can wear a clean pantie while washing the other pair.

Her character shoes came in yesterday along with the lace body suits. And hallelujah, they fit her tall frame! Always an issue with one-size-fits-all pieces. But the net and lace stretch just enough.

Her shoes will go to the shoe maker to have two industrial grommets placed into the sides so we can thread ribbon lacing through to emulate pointe shoes lacing. She bought some hologram ribbon just tacky enough to do the deed.

What do you think about the feathers?

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Anonymous said...

Dina-here I am in the land of sadness-although beautiful-Hiawassee, GA. Today was my sister-in-law's funeral. The 2ND funeral-2nd visitation was last night. It's like it was a whole new cycle of sadness. Today they asked me ot sing Wayfaring Stranger at graveside-it was pretty hard to do-but I will tell you it was definitely heartfelt. Took a gorgeous walk today through azaleas in colors I have never seen in an azalea before in the middle of mountains and a beautiful lake. Made the mistake of turning on this laptop and doing payroll and bills-got depressed again-my SF laptop takes forever, looked at my paycheck which was depressing-my income is down 25% over last year(oy!), my bills haven't gone down 25%...,transferring funds around,and just felt blah,blah,blah. Then, I looked at your blog and laughed. At the end of the day-life goes on-bills get paid or not paid-and there is still joy in the world. As surreal as my life sometimes becomes-I still have my health, a totally fabu husband and daughter, GREAT friends(like you), a good job and an INCREDIBLE STRIPPER COSTUME:)! Thank you,my friend,for making me smile tonight! Love you! Twanga!Twanga! Twangalicious