Sunday, April 06, 2008


Finally got all the handwork done on the purple kimono. As I may want to show this garment in a show someday with Cindy's permission, I made the frog artsy as I do on many jackets such as the kimono.

You can see from the closeups all the beads and gemstones I used. The 'button' is a mother-of-pearl tooth used as a toggle through a nephrite jade ring. I left the end of the bias tube unfinished because it reminds me of a peace lily. Bead and crystal calyxes of course! You can't see all the sparkle but I guarantee you it's there!

I dyed the fabric for Cindy's practice wings just because there was a vat of dark cedar green pigment dye on the back porch left from Jeannie's gown. The fabric is quite a bit heavier than the silk gauze I'll be using for the real things, but I figure that they'll simulate the weight of the real thing after I finish piling on beads and bling. Also bought an extra set of dowels for the practice wings. I suppose I should put a picture of them up as well as I go.

The kimono just needs a final press before it goes on a hangar and in the bag.


Cynthia Miller-Ray said...

Dina-Thought that I left this comment earlier! The kimono is amazing! Not that I'm surprised by that but it's amazing what beauty you can create in the middle of a very difficult time. I will undoubtedly be the best costumed actress in community theater and beyond. Love you! Cinzia

Pam said...

I agree, it looks amazing!
Pam :)

queenlint1 said...

Pam and Cynthia-

Thanks to both of you! I loved the way it turned out-very artsy. Now on to other parts.

Anonymous said...

I'm a purple lover and if I wanted a kimono, that is exactly what I would want. <3 lovely job =0).