Monday, April 14, 2008

Embellishing The Bra

Finished covering the bra and straps, sides are tucked under and stitched. I sewed four rows of hologram sequins along the tops of the cups and three rows of alternating green and medium purple Miyuki beads. Next comes the cup lining then onto the dance pant.

I don't think the power mesh is going to work for a body suit. After cartining it around under every light source from sun to LED to neon to incandesent, it is going to make Cindy's skin look like it has an unhealthy corpse-like pallor. I'm going to experiment with tea dyeing. Make that tea staining. It is Lycra after all. If the tea doesn't tan it up a little, we'll be searching for a body suit.

Pictures show the bra up to now. Under bust darts are plain in the pictures and you can see the slight ruching on the strap coverings which allow the elastic to expand.

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