Friday, April 25, 2008

Butterflies Are Not Free

But they are almost ready to fly onto the costume. Spent the past hours beading, setting stones, and embellishing the butterfly appliqués with additional glitz. I glued them to a Flexifirm backing with Aleene's Super Fabric glue, turned over the edges and glued then pinned them down to dry as you can see in the first picture above. Flexifirm is a very thick interfacing something akin to craft plastic or styrene and can be heat shaped when I'm happy with the look.

In the close up you can see the stones I used to shape and trace the wings and body. I used AB faceted crystals in a medium amethyst and pale turquoise blue pillow beads on the wing halos, rim set AB crystals in two colors to compliment the silver and gray iron on studs that form the rest of the butterfly and then used silver lined rose violet rocailles to outline the top and bottom of the wings. The smaller butterflies have a modified version of the beads and stones.

I will do more embellishment, put a on beaded edge, and am trying to decide whether or not to use feather tips around the edging before I put on the back lining lining. I like the different finishes of the stones.


Martha Marshall said...


moonmystic said...

Wow! Very impressive work!

queenlint1 said...

Thank you! Any comment from An Artist's Journal is fantastic!

I've hearted you on Etsy and some of your gorgeous jewelry! Also loved Ophelia!

moonmystic said...

I love that you love women you write! I think women have a deeper understanding of . . .well, everything. ;) My poem is one of a series of three. Thanks for your comment. It means a lot. Love you blog, BTW! I'm adding it to mine.

queenlint1 said...

And I'm adding your blog listing to mine, Moonmystic!