Sunday, April 13, 2008


Another sleepless night. I spent it going out with the flashlight trying to get George to answer me. I was in a total panic mode because I thought that this would be my fourth death in under a month and a half, and my fifth in less than half a year.

I could see her up on the dormer roof curled up totally still, but she wouldn't respond to my calls. I waited for first light because I thought I was going to have to go up there somehow and bring down a body. Mature, Rubenesque women have no business climbing up on roofs! And my neurons just might have decided that it's time for one of my spaz-outs sending me off of the overhang waving to the neighbors.

Then... glory! When I went out and called to her a little before 7:00 a.m, she pops up and wags her tail cat fashion, happy to see me, ran over to the edge of the roof and jumped down! She somehow had managed to get her jaw unlocked during the night. Maybe just relaxing in sleep or exhaustion did it. She was hurt yesterday afternoon after the Paradise Cleaning Crew left. I just cringed every time I looked at her up there with her jaw jacked wide open, head down and drool coming fast and furious. That must have been painful for her.

I figured out what happened: I heard a huge thump and roll on the roof just before I went outside yesterday. That's when I saw her up on the roof trying to get her head up and her mouth closed. The neighbor's white cat was running down from the deck and I shooed him off.

At first I thought that he had done it fighting with her. Then I remembered the thumping noise and went to where she was standing when I first saw her injured. There was a good sized oak branch that had broken the tall prickly pear cactus under her. It must have hit her as she was napping up there and dislocated her jaw. As most cats do when injured, she did not want anything to do with me knowing that I'd be messing with it trying to fix it.

Anyway. She's inside. Napping on my lap. Will stay inside until further notice. And I'll leave the neighbor's cat something else in his food bowl as an apology. Yes. I've been feeding him. You know me and strays. He seems to like it more here than his own home and has been talking to me instead of running away. He might need a snack while he's here.

George has had a rough time. She's used up two of her lives with the tea tree poisoning episode and getting bonked by the oak branch. She's started sneezing furiously the last few days. Not sure if it's the last of the melalueca coming out of her system or what. She's also lost a little weight. Not surprizing with all she's been through.

Anyway. I'm glad to have her back. Relieved not to have to bury another friend. I know that I'm at another crossroads in my life. This sort of thing doesn't happen to me without there being some major life change or move. Examples I gave to my good friend Pam Wood who lives in Randall, North Carolina when she asked if I was getting ready to 'check out' myself:

I'm not too sure that gacking is off the table with all the deaths I've been having. It's crossed my mind with all the souls that look to me leaving. I have been mentally pushed to write my will, clean up this house and get shit simple to handle. I don't want to leave a mess for my posse either. Whether that's for me or Annie, my executor and health care advocate, I don't know. It could be just so that I can get the business out of the way to be freed up.

I've done the purge a number of other times in my life. Every one of them involved a major move: Got rid of a marriage's worth of household stuff, had only what would fit in the back seat of my car alongside a cat, a dog, my guitar and a sewing machine and left Tampa for Atlanta; Sold everything I'd accumulated in Atlanta including complete suites of Basset dining room and Kohler living room furniture and moved to Kansas City; Got rid of a bunch of shit in KC - including some the moving men left in closets and cabinets and moved to Las Vegas; Sold a house in Vegas, got rid of some shit and moved to Salt Lake City; Had Chris, sold all that shit and moved back to Atlanta with Chris so Steve could pursue his classical guitar career; Divorced Steve, kept Chris, sold the house in Marietta and moved BACK to Salt Lake City; Met Jim and bought the ranch in Indianola, then divorced him, left a bunch of shit behind including horses and moved to Pleasant Grove; Left Utah for Tampa and this is where I've plotzed.

Robert at the Aquarius Papers** told me I was at another cross roads in my life. At first, I took it to mean death, but I'm starting to think that it may be connected with another move and life change direction. You might want to look into a yurt for your back yard just in case it's in your direction I'm changing.

I beaded on the strippers bra last night. All done with that. Will post you another picture of progress later on.

(**Whether you advocate for astrology or not, it's interesting to read this man's insightful and hopeful outlook. I found him searching for symbology with all the transitions and getting rid of stuff.

The picture is from the blog "Cat Named Jane", another cat lover. While George is solid white, this is exactly how she looked with her jaw dislocated.)


Martha Marshall said...

Lord, girl, there sure is a lot of your leftover shit around the country.

Just kidding, just kidding . . .

queenlint1 said...

Absolutely! My middle name is not 'Alice' for nothing! Like that fairy tale denizen, I'm prone to explore various levels. You cannot do it without kicking the detritus of one level off for the next!

I LOVE your art videos by the way! So cool and I want to try it!