Saturday, April 12, 2008

Covered Bra and Practice Wings

Pictures show progress on the practice wings dyed, cut and shaped, and ready to be pleated on tothe neck piece and have the dowels inserted. The markings were not airbrushed on. I manipulated the fabric while dying it with pigment dyes with foldings and creases. Letting the dye drip onto itself in spots created the water marks.
The clover leaf looking curve around the bottom edge allows the wings to stay off the floor when they're down and gives a wing shape when extended. I've got both wings pinned together on the left shoulder of my mannequin so the center back is to your right as you're looking at the picture.

The bra is under way nicely. I draped and pinned the fabric and basted it down. You can just see the under bust darts that are slip stitched in place. If you are covering a bra for belly dancing or a stripper costume, always use the bias on the diagonal of the cup and be sure you cut 4 to 6" more than you think it'll take to cover it. I always leave 4 inches or so on the sides and tack it only to the top and bottom of the bra elastic stretching the fabric slightly so that it gives. Leaving the ends open allows the side flaps to slide on the elastic bandeau. When I'm happy with the lay of it, I'll clean finish the edges by hand, sew a soft flannel lining into the cup so Cindy's "hoohaas" will be happy and will cover the straps with a loose ruching of bias brocade.

Hard to see the color. It's iridescent gold with purple and teal highlights and bits of blue here and there. Fancy headlights, huh!?!

Tomorrow, I'll finish the practice wings and start the layout for her silk wings with the airbrush. I had a group of excellent friends over today to help clean and organize. Most of the fabrics and trims I've had in four rooms is in the made-over storeroom. Shelves line the walls and there will be some in the middle of the room library style. I can now see almost everything I've got. Pictures of that later.


creative dreams said...

Hi Thank you visiting my blog and for your comments. I took a look at your etsy store and your textile work is gorgeous,I'll be back later to take a good read through your blog. Belinda

Pam said...

So pretty! You are so talented!

Martha Marshall said...

Gorgeous!! You have been a busy girl. Can't wait for an invitation to tour the "new" space!

queenlint1 said...


Thanks so much for your visit! I've bookmarked you as well.


Ditto back at you! I have a "Care Package" coming your way.


There's still a lot to go through, but a huge chunk of junk is gone to the curb!