Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What I Learned About Tea Tree Oil and Cats

This is what yesterday had in store for me.

I put tea tree oil on my one remaining cat, George and then went on line after she started growling and acting weird to see what the vet sites had to say about it. Tea tree is toxic to cats and can kill them in doses of just 1% in pet shampoos and I put pure oil on her!!

After her running up in the attic and me trying to get her down calling, cajoling and climbing as far as I could on my step ladder, I called DJ to see if my nephew was around. He wasn't available but DJ said she and Jimmy would come as soon as Jimmy got back.

I tried calling every emergency service, animal rescue, fire department and cop I could think of. None of them would help except the animal trappers which would come over for $250.00 minimum. Humane Society offered a feral cat trap to leave up there with her. I tried explaining that she was poisoned and needed to get to the vet immediately but that was all they could suggest.

After a frantic call, I went over to pick up Tary Peace from work (Bless her ENtire soul) and she tried getting her down. Tary actually crawled up in the attic with GeorgeShe couldn't reach her under the eaves and had to give up .

Tary had suggested I open a can of tuna which I did. After Tary went home, I waved the tuna around under the attic and she finally let me crawl up the ladder and get her down. Jeannie Miller said she'd be here to help, too. I called both DJ and Jeannie back and told them that I had her. I've got an excellent bunch of friends. To a one of them, they would drop what they're doing and come help.

I bathed her as much as she'd let me with dish soap as the vet site suggested and took her to the vet. She still reeks of tea tree.

The vet did blood work on her kidneys and liver which seemed to be within limits, gave her a shot of cortisone and something to help stabilize her and told me to watch her and wait. So far, so good. I feel very lucky and blessed. She's alive. George has stuck close by me, which is great since she ducks every time I go towards her but wants to stay close. She's afraid I'll do something else to her, poor thing!! Don't blame her.

She slept with me last night and seems to be okay if not entirely herself. She got up last night calling and looking for Loverboy a few times and that wasn't easy. She's eating a little bit but I haven't seen her drinking her water. She's also been to the cat box.

I'm staying at home and I'm going to try not to talk to anyone. I seem to have this cloud around me just now and do not want to chance 'passing it around'. Please do not use any products on your animals without first checking on line! Many vets do not know the toxicity of tea tree! Go here to look.

I don't dare tempt Fate by asking "how much more..." because I'm afraid of the answer. Please keep me in prayer and add George, too! We'll take whatever flavor you have. I'd appreciate them.


Pam said...

Ugh, I am so sorry about all this. You are in my thoughts. I hope things get better soon!

Cousin Deb said...

You know how strongly I believe in the power of prayer. I will indeed keep you and of course George in mine. Please take care of yourself, and just have faith that you'll both get thru this. I know the stuff you're made of; you're stronger than you allow yourself to believe. I'm here if you need me. Love you, Cousin.

Dr. Kimmy said...

Like you, George is indestructible. When it's his time, it'll be his time. And, of course, you're in my prayers.

queenlint1 said...

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and kind words. I've discovered that her motor skills and coordination have been affected. So have mine. I'm laying low for a bit until the tides turn elsewhere. I firmly believe that experience is the Great Educator. It's what we pay for the wisdom we get.


you just hang on in there, things will definitely get better, believe me.

I had no idea abot Tea tree oil being dangerous to animals.

it's used to ridding head lice (urrghh), so i would never have believed it could be poisonous.

Take care xxxx

queenlint1 said...

Margaret, Thank you so much for your kind words during my recent training period! So thrilled to see you featured on Nature Manipulated.

If ya'll have NOT seen Margaret's amazing fiber and 2-D art, go to her site and check it out!

Here's the link to the Nature Manipulated blog. Some good promotional info here.

Joeffrey said...

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