Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Dye Job

Yesterday was day two of dyeing. I prepped Cindy's silk gauze by washing it in soap to remove the worm gunk in it and mixed up dyes. The first dye bath turned out too light a pastel because I got chicken and removed it before time was up. I used two blues in the next dye bath - denim and royal plus dark green to get a deep teal green. This time, I left it in the immersion for the full time then some and got this incredible teal green!

I used a flash on the silk hanging on the line so you can see the contrast as light hits it. The yardage in the background is the true color. I tinted the dance pantie and bra I'm using for Cindy's daughter Sky. Sky is worried about her mother's reputation and virtue among her young friends when they find out that Cindy is playing a stripper. Instead of leaving the costume base nude, I allowed them to sit in the dye bath so it's a little more obvious she has something on besides wings.

Got this wonderful brocade with a gold swirl pattern woven in metallic. I first dipped it in the teal dye bath to pull it together with the silk gauze then drizzled various pure colors on it - purple, dark green, light and dark blue. I love the results! The back is as beautiful as the fashion side! I'm saving scraps for art projects down the road.

The brocade will cover the bra and straps and the front of the dance pants. I was going to tone it down with an overlay of teal silk gauze but will wait and see how tacky it looks without it. I'm covering the pantie front tonight and will hopefully get to the bra tomorrow.

Cindy's bringing over the compressor for the airbrushes we got on eBay. I discovered that canned air only goes so far, is cumbersome and costly. Let me know what you think about the colors!


Cynthia Miller-Ray said...

Dina-you're right-it's gorgeous! My favorite colors-I'm going to feel a little like a stripper fairy princess who just happens to have butterflies over her hoohaas...can't wait! Love you! Cinzia
Twanga, twangalu

queenlint1 said...

Make that SPRING loaded butterflies over your hoohaas!