Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Catch Up Ketchup

So much for a diary as this unfolds. Fast forward to now. I've read everything I can possibly find on IBC, have had a visit with the oncologist and a staging MRI. The MRI put me at III B because I have tumors that have invaded my chest wall through the pectoral muscle and because lymph glands are fully engaged and happily pumping the stuff out.

The junior oncologist - don't know if he started shaving yet or not - was a bit of a cavalier twerp, inspired no confidence and confirmed my conviction to eschew the horrid standard slash and burn treatment. He left me no doubt that he was lucky he knew where to hold himself to pee as he made one factual gaff after another. I KNEW more on IBC than he did.

He said that he wanted to do a biopsy to confirm the three tests and visual evidence that all say I have IBC. I told him no. When I said that the biopsy would seed the track of the needle punch, he stated that they were going to remove 3/4 of my breast anyway. I asked, "Which quarter are you planning on leaving? The nipple? A mole"?

This was one of his gaffs - there IS no partial mastectomy for IBC because the skin itself is the cancer along with the tissues under and around it. It all has to go. Which means part of my ass would end up on my chest if I let them to cover the gaping hole left there.

So. I will post the MRI contrast results another post. More of the same good news. I also now know that I have between 6 and 22 months and have had a feeling confirmed that next fall will more than likely be my departure.

I've spent time with my son. We're cool. My friends are helping me much out my costume biz, clear paths through the house, I'm getting my end of life papers finished up and can sit back and enjoy very soon. No heavy thoughts tonight. I've had my fill of them earlier.