Wednesday, July 12, 2006

We had Right Bank today at Phyllis'. Our idea of a Power Lunch. Phyllis, Martha and me. How to share it with you? I don't know if I can. We did 'show and tell' as usual with one of us going on about what we were working on and our trends and the others cheering us on and making suggestions about our work, poetry, art and writing. We shared marketing tips and how to be true to your art when outside forces invade.

Did I mention that Phyllis made the theme of this Right Bank Oshun? Oshun is the African Goddess of creativity among Her other traits. We shared melon and fruit salad, sandwiches, and good things like the chocolate ( a major food group for women) that Martha brought that were part of our offerings to each other. We thought we were done and felt like it had been a bang up RB with the food and the wine and the sharing and conversation and show and tell. Then. Phyllis took us to the Inner Sanctum where she had created this wonderful altar and art peice celebrating women and Oshun in another room. There are no adjectives to tell you what it was like! I can't describe the golds and gourds and honey and wonderments that Phyllis had put together in a myriad of cameos! I can't tell you about the drum music playing in the background or the glow of the candlelight. Phyllis asked us to celebrate our creativity and give thanks. We did and more!

There are no words here. Three amazing women got together and had a Power Lunch. That is all I can say. This was Right Bank for the month of July.


ggaleria said...

Dear RBL (Right Bank Ladies):


Martha Marshall said...

Phyllis' creation was just amazing. It filled the senses and the spirit.