Monday, July 31, 2006

Say, who is that woman anyway?"

And what's she doing on Deepwater Journal?

I am Pat, quilter, maker of wearable art and soft sculpture; antique linen collector. I live on the New Hampshire coast with my best friend and life partner, Larry. I am mom to Amy and grandmother to Anthony and Victoria.

I enjoy
making soft sculpture like the one above that I called, "...midnight..." ~~ wire-covered armature, about 18 inches tall. This is not the "doll" I intended; and I must say her "birth" was quite traumatic for me. She resisted all my efforts at fashioning a personality (in my own image, I suppose). It was not until I finally succumbed to her persistence that she became what she is and always intended to be: a midnight sorceress.

I am a quilter. Actually, I enjoyed making things with fabric nearly all my life. Well, with the exception of the 70's when I gave it up for more political pursuits. But when my first grandchild was expected, I decided to make an old fashioned layette. I wandered into a fabric store. Inhaled. Touched. And haven't stopped buying it since. Recently, I passed a reductionist "graduation" from bed size quilts to tiny art quilts and postcard quilts like the one above. The blog has been a way of forming fast friendships and I have made postcards trades with Beate in Germany and Deb in Alaska.

This year I started making small beaded art quilts~~~but blogger won't let me show it to tonight. URGGGHH!

I am in love with antique linens, laces and quilts; I both collect and sell them. In another post I will feature some of my "finds" from estate sales along the coast. I love the social history, the personal stories, the look, the feel, and the act of rescuing pieces that others don't value or know what to do with......
And, I am just thrilled to be part of Deepwater Journal and the wonderfully talented woman who created it.

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queenlint1 said...

Pat, She's as lovely as you are! Birthing is alway difficult. Each birth has it's own set of calumnies. But the babies are always beautiful.