Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I'm introducing you to a new power woman! Her name is Beate Knapp. She's a fiber artist from Dusseldorf, Germany whose work is powerful. Her fiber work resonates as brush strokes in it's vibrancy. She packs dynamite into such a diminutive space proving once again that women can create monsoons from their whispers. This translation was from Babel Fish and if I've got anything wrong, Beate, please let me know!

I found Beate through another fiber artist I'm hoping to feature soon named Pat of Pat's Studio.

This work is called "Wut & ZerstŠ–rung" ( Fury and Destruction) measures 18 x 21 cm copyright created 2006. Media: Stoffe, Garne, Steine vom Ufer des Rheins, Maschinen- und Handstickereien. Materials, threads, stones of the shore of the Rhine, machines and hand embroideries.

Beate says:

Im April 2006 habe ich wieder angefangen intensiver mit Stoff zu arbeiten und schon meldeten sich Widerstaende: meine Saboteure eben. Dies ist die Arbeit, mit der ich denen endgueltig den Kampf angesagt und erstmals gewonnen habe.


In April, 2006 I once again started to work more intensely with material and already opposition announced itself: just my sabotuers. This is the work with which I have finally announced the fight to them and have won for the first time. - Beate

Editor's note: See Beate's comment for further illumination about her artist's statement and this work in particular.


Gramercy Galleria said...


I discovered Pat from Susan's blog, art espirit: ( and then discovered Beate at Pat's blog. And now here we all are at/in Deepwater. What a lovely circle.


queenlint1 said...


Ain't it the truth!! You know we women always spiral when given the chance!! I'm off to check out Susan's blog. When are you going to post a photo? I've thought of pilfering the one you did for Deepwater Journal and the lovely thought you wrote!!


Beate said...

Hi, for me it is so impress my work here to see, many thanks for it. The title of the work shown here is " fury and destruction " and it shows my fury at what wants to stop me from being creative and from becoming healthy therefore, because creativity is curative for me.

queenlint1 said...


We have all felt those obstacles against our art and creative voices. It is frustrating to have your creative heart subjected to forces that want you to quit - whether they come from inside ourselves or from some self appointed critic. Keep creating! Keep sharing your wonderful vision with us here at Deepwater Journal!