Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Martha and I discussed some changes to my Deepwater Journal in order to assure that everyone gets credit for their postings and there's no confusion about whose voice is whose. She told me about the Title tag line and I'm trying that. I'm not sure I like it since some of the musings aren't really what I'd call stories at all - especially mine - but rather thought lines or remembrances.

When I solicit work, I can introduce you to the author/artist/poet. I'm going to fiddle with the look of various identity tags to see which one looks the least presumptuous for contributors and me. For instance, 'Turd Curls and Toni' is a memory. Some of the postings are almost journal entries, like my recap of outings with friends. Do they deserve a title? No. But a by-line would help distinguish it in some way from contributors.

So. Things may change and then change again until I figure this one out.

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