Monday, July 10, 2006

Dinner at Martha and Jim's last night. Their son Eric was over and ate with us. It was good to see him. He just moved into his new house and I told him to come to Dogpatch for starts of all the plants he'll ever need to landscape with. He's also got his eye on a dog. So.

Jim was watching the barbecue show down on t.v. and got a hankering for it. They bought this huge item and put it in the smoker. Martha made handmade potato salad Southern style with homemade mayonaisse - She was NOT going to the store a second time for mayo! There were also cooked greens, baked beans, this awesome sourdough crusted bread with gouda cheese and an Origin 2005 Sauvingnon Blanc. Jim fixed his famous martinis and we ate until we couldn't move. And then we ate some more! I know I regale you with food alot but it's one of the ways we all friend one another.

They had tile put down in the living, dining and master suite and it looks really cool with Martha's art hanging all over the place. I also got a demo of their new high def t.v. I want one when I grow up.

I'm building a 1700s gown with paniered skirts in red bengaline and black silk dupioni. It has neat black heavy lace appliques on it and is decorated with black and red satin butterflies. It's directed towards a Vampire Ball in New Orleans where I know it will make a splash.

Tomorrow is Right Bank at Phyllis' house!


ggaleria said...

I'm not sure which sounds more delicious, Dina -- the sourdough bread from last night, or the new dress you are building!

Martha Marshall said...

How about some progress pictures of this dress that you have us drooling over?

queenlint1 said...

It's almost like the words are more flavorful than the real thing! But. I will take photos of it and post them as soon as I get the camera back from the Peace women.

And Robin Marie, you may as well have been with us because you were a subject of dinner conversation. Same shite. You are ONE of us, girfrin!