Friday, July 21, 2006

Did I tell you that I'm a night owl? My mother said that I would stay up all night because I was always afraid I would miss something. So. It's quarter to three in the morning and I'm just winding down.

Got up early this morning in one of my up cycles of my night and ran over to Phyllis' house to tell her about this amazing dream I had in one of the disjointed REM periods I have. A friend of hers that Phyllis nursed and loved right up to her passing from cancer was there and wanted to show me pictures she had taken of Phyllis. They were arterly poses with amazing backgrounds. Some had other photos of Phyllis' ancestors and other subjects superimposed on them. In all of them, Phyllis wore these fantastic costumes. All of the photographs were sepia toned except one where she wore an elaborate pomegranate headdress of gold lame with a fushia robe. She hauled out some of her art work and damn, if she hadn't drawn some of those gowns!! Wonderful!!

Speaking of night owls, a tiny bird ended up in the house today. She probably came in through the attic vents and down through the open ceiling in the hall left as a calling card from hurricane Jeanne. She announced her presence with a squawk and chastising chirp as George made an attempt at flying after her cat style. I put George out on the water side porch. She was not thrilled with my dismissing her like that. I talked to the bird and opened the back door. She sat on the window sill and let me get very close to her. Then I pointed to the open door and she flew out.

If a bird in hand is worth two in the bush, what is a starling in the house worth?


Martha Marshall said...

Well, I'm sure you must be asleep right now. As you know, I get up at just about your bedtime.

But what a dream! I think Madame Zucchini has tapped into great things to come for Phyllis.

queenlint1 said...

I agree! And I'm determined to sketch that gold lame pomegranite headpiece!!