Thursday, July 13, 2006

Dina has kindly invited me to be a contributor to her Deepwater Journal. This is my first post, and I am including a new piece of art called Mothering Arms. In many ways, it seems to be appropriate, as my image of Dina is that of a warrior queen whose arms are mothering rather than destructive.

The news tonight, as it has been so often lately, is discouraging, depressing, and downright frightening. It seems to me that we are all being called right now to bring our strength and spirit to heal the earth and save its people. So we need to grow beautiful plants and healing herbs, create art, nurture friendships — to offer a real alternative source of energy. The kind of energy that flows as deepwater through the course of our days and nights.

My hope is that I will support the energy and spirit that is already flowing so freely here at Dina's place.

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queenlint1 said...

Robin Marie,

It's perfect! Thank you for your first post of many! Yes. The news is not hopeful today. War, disease, destruction of planet resources, and crime on every front, tells me we need a revolution. If all women took over everywhere and forbid the wars, the damage and injustices, maybe we could look forward to the news being boring.