Saturday, June 07, 2008


Just a quick flybye to let everyone know I'm alive and doing well. Very busy and trying to reconstruct my computer which has been on the blitz for over a week - one of the reasons I haven't updated Deepwater Journal. The repair cost me $2.64 for a can of techie air. Note to all: If your fan is running overtime and your computer screen just goes to black and shuts down, try pulling off the access panel and cleaning out the felt pad of cat fur and dust which is choking it. Saves destroyed records and docs. I lost all of them trying to play Mr. Wizard and 'fix it' myself.

Finally got over to visit Apatz and his wife Josie. What beauties! Wonderful art and a gorgeous sanctuary of a garden in back of their townhouse! I came away with a great Ott magnifying lens to do my close up work and tried a wonderful Italian wine.

We talked art, politics, spirituality nonstop.

My biggest joy is my son Chris. I think we've started to mend our hearts once again by agreeing to leave the past in the past. He made the first move which I felt was his right so he could set limits with me. We've burned up the phone lines talking for hours. Feels like it did long ago when I told people that even if he wasn't my son, that I'd like him as a person. I'm also proud of the progress he's made in his life choices. He's going to college, works as a deputy for his county, and is a solidly good man. I can die happy now.

I'm starting on a new fiber piece when I should be working on other commissions. But I just have to do this one piece or at least, get it started.

(The flying jack rabbit photo is by Desert USA. I just love it.)


Pam said...

Yeah, that's happened to my computer before - lots of dust bunnies inside that needed to be dusted out.

Glad to hear your son is doing so well!

Martha Marshall said...

I can't wait to see your new creation! Yeah, I vacuumed out my computer a couple of weeks ago. Amazing what can get inside there!

queenlint1 said...

Ain't it awful that we dust the outside of a 'puter and never think to look at what's growing underneath??

Of course you'll be the first to see it! I'm so very pleased with the start!

Cousin Deb said...

Hiya, Cuz! I can't tell you how it squeezed my heart to read about you and Chris mending fences. I'm really pleased. You'll need to send a pic sometime of you and my 2nd cuzzin. Bear in mind, I know nothing about him because it was always so painful for you to discuss. Let's do this over the phone, though ~ it may move a little faster. You give me a time, and I'll call, Dear Heart. Sidebar: congrats on the PC fix, too. Love you!