Monday, June 23, 2008


June is one of my hardest of the year because I mark several sad anniversaries during it. But June 22nd marked another kind of anniversary for me this year. It's the second anniversary of this blog.

That's remarkable for me because of the short lives of many of my projects like the time it takes to make a Dream Coat or to finish this latest piece I'm currently absorbed by.

It's good to have constants in your life. I'd like to share another constant with you when I blog next. It's about patterns, friends, and the incredible magic there is in life. I'm too tired to tackle it tonight.

Tomorrow, I ship Sheree's beret over the bridge to St. Pete.

(And what other kind of cake would a girl from Mango, Florida serve on her anniversary but a Flamingo Cake??!!)


redchair said...

The cake is beautiful…but is it actually a cake? (Way to pretty to eat) Your June blues are my December Blue. All has happened in December for me. Anxious to read this upcoming blog. I love magic.

queenlint1 said...

YOU are actually part of the magic! I think it's a real cake. Found it on a site from some small island in an obscure island in the Phillipine archipelago. And. I'd dive right in with a fork the way I go after $150.00 a yard fabric - with scissors and gusto!

HMBT said...

I dreamed about you the other night, the Tank Girl soundtrack was playing in the background, we were eating orchids for dinner, and sitting on the back porch at Dogpatch, watching the electric stroms wash in from the ocean. We were laughing and eating, and drinking wine...sounds just like the good old days huh? :)

queenlint1 said...

I surely does! The orchids for dinner must have been a subliminal memory of remnants of 750 orchids I used to have here in the greenhouse before I turned it into the cottage!
I'll call you one night from DogPatch's back porch and will have a glass or two like we used to!
PS-Don't you ever sleep====still?? And I LOVE 'Tank Girl' and Lori Petty! I almost have the dialog memorized!

redchair said...

And I bet Heather was naked in that dream also! You know she can’t keep her clothing on, don't you?

I’ve been Arte y Picoed and I’m passing the torch to you Dina. Take a look at my blog.

queenlint1 said...

Vikki! What an absolute treasure you are! I love that I got the Arte y Pico, and from you no less! This is another bit of magic via you! I was positively coveting getting one less than 2 weeks ago when I was reminded that Beate Knapp has on her site! See! You are manifesting all types of wonders for me!
BTW - Yes. I am VERY familiar with the fact that Heather can't keep her clothes on. And that she does it without warning whenever the mood strikes. I figure this would make one of the juicy bits when someone does her biography and retrospective long after we're gone!

HMBT said...

Awww you guys! I wear clothes all the time! Maybe not all the time, but still almost as much as the regular person does! *Wicked Grins* You guys crack me up...Heather the streaker...yup that me. It's nice having friends that love me enough to pick on me!
You scamps you. *Mile wide smiles*

moonmystic said...

Yay blog! I want a taste of that cake!