Tuesday, May 27, 2008


So. I've had two blue days. I missed a wonderful evening of conversation and wine with my friend Apatx Latorre. Now. I've told you about him before. I met him at Gala Corina in the Fall when we both had works displayed. I told you about how taken I was with the womanist symbology in his painting "The River".

He wanted to show me a commission painting completed before it went to its new home in Puerto Rico. We were supposed to get together this past Saturday to share wine and ideas. I have a car. It is a free car. The story is too long to tell except that it has been a good and dependable car. Up until about 3 weeks ago.

Overnight it develops this burp fart car thing when I try to start it. Sometimes I'm lucky and can get it to run so that I'm not totally a home bound agoraphobic. Most of the time it's a dud start out of the gate. So I missed my evening with Apatx after 40 minutes of cussing and pleading. I didn't get to see his new painting in person. I didn't get to uncork my most favorite red wine I bought for us to share, Rex Goliath pinot grigio.

So. Here is Apatx (isn't he gorgeous??!!), his paintings including The River and the new one that miraculously turned up on my computer in an email that wasn't there before (aren't they just stunning?), and a picture of the bottle of Goliath I bought to go share with my wonderful friend this past Saturday when the rice rocket wouldn't start. I figured if I shared it with all of you, I'll get over the black ass that ensued when I couldn't see him and share one on one.

The fancy wine glasses are from my altar. They are ritual juggernauts that I use to invoke creativity, The Quarters, Passers-by in the Cosmic Cotillion, etcetera. Mostly etcetera. The heavily beaded one is mine. The simple gold leaves and stems with vines was done by Natalya Kashalova Shanahan, my one and only ever apprentice taken on in all the years of design work I've done, my little Bear from Belarus, my Talika. I used that to represent Apatx and his soulful paintings. Symbolic digital wine sharing.

I'm in the cups. Can't bring myself to open the Rex but wanted to show Apatx I was sincere. The rice rocket goes into the shop tomorrow. I don't dare reschedule with the Padowan Artist again until I can follow through with plans to get my hands on him and his art with a car that works when the keys go in.

I also have a vase of rooting plants for him for his garden. All of it will come together sometime soon.


Martha Marshall said...



ooh, you unfortunate person you,
missing not only the magnificent artwork, but also that handsome beautiful man LOL

Martha Marshall said...

Margaret! I've met him and he is every bit as gorgeous in person, and with the most captivating Latin accent.