Saturday, June 28, 2008

Margaret Field's New Blog

Maggie Field is an incredible and totally irreverant Brit with a penchant for creative art dolls, ACEOs, and off the path assemblages. She's starting up a new blog strictly for weekly challenges for artists to make ACEOs/ATCs and is calling it 'Maggie's Musings'. You can trade or not, help with the suggestions for the week's challenge. Go to the link just above to sign up for it!

This would be a good way to motivate yourself to do work, be inspired, add to your collection, schmooze with other artists on the planet and spread your person around 'out there' a bit more. Maggie's Rules are fairly straightforward:

  • 1. Each week a theme for an ATC will be chosen either by myself (Maggie) or by suggestions from yourselves.
    • 2. When you make your ATC to that weeks theme, post a picture of it on your blog, and then link us to it, via the comments on MMM (Maggies Monday Musings)
    • 3. HAVE FUN

    I've signed up. Hope you will, too!

    Other news: Finally got Ms. Sheree Rensel's art beret off in the post. Received the replacement buttonhole foot for my Brother sewing machine so I can quit making them by hand. Got flea junk to put on the cats (I'll tell you about the second new one I acquired later!). Started a new mini project on a repurposed 1960s Abercrombie & Fitch dress which I'm positive will offend someone. Still loving me some Josie and Apatx Latorre for the gift of the magnifying glass! Also started a purple cotton beret inspired by Sheree's hat. Have Jeannie Taylor's wedding gown here to photograph and will try to get it done before the cats discover how fun it is to play tent under it. I have a forest green Medieval style robe to make. Still working on Sky's 1930s costume for her wardrobe - or, I should say procrastinating on it. Talked to my Other Chile Darla Nunnery and will make her a few hippy skirts for her new art administrator position. They told her no jeans and flip flops, but. She is an artist after all. I finally got a regular person's night sleep! Went to bed at 9:00 and got up at 7:00! That was 9:00. P.M. At night!
    (ed. note: The photo above is the incomparable Margaret Field. Ain't she a hoot?)


    redchair said...

    I love this picture at the top. It just cracks me up. It is so wonderfully ‘English humor’.

    I hope you rerun this project on occasion. (Definitely want to be part of it.) I’m just overwhelmed right now and need to do some clearing. Next week maybe. I’ll save the links.

    Did I tell you I’m a sewing maniac? I’ve been sewing, crocheting, and knitting since I was about 12 or 13 years old. I love it. It just takes me away like nothing else. I start something and I become obsessive.

    And, -I think we need to hear about his repurposed 1960s Abercrombie & Fitch dress…for sure!

    And- has anyone told you that you could be a double for Camryn Manheim slinking out from behind that curtain? (She’s one of my favorite beautiful people-in fact I think she was on People's Most Beautiful list for 2007)
    Big hugs,

    queenlint1 said...

    Ain't Margaret a hoot?! Actually, you should sign up on the link I sent so you get notices.
    I told Maggie that I was overwhelmed now and might not do every single one so don't feel bad!
    Sewing of one type or another has been my life since I was 14! I wish I could be as obsessive as I used to be about it, but I'm really burned out a bit after all these years doing it as part of a profession.
    And crochet - my mother taught my sister and I when we were very little - I was just 6 yo! I always come back to it because I love the texture, look and the calming effect it has.
    The 1960s dress will have an outing sometime this week. I've been researching patterns for the embroidery /beading /presentation/

    Thanks for the compliment on comparing my looks to Camryn Manheim! She's one of mine, too. I was nicknamed 'movie star' in my younger days because I was always being told I favored everyone from Mary Tyler Moore to Wonderwoman. I don't get it.

    Hugs back,

    Martha Marshall said...

    Well sounds like your dance card is pretty danged full. I'm loving the idea of your being on my doggies' hours, in preparation for your extended visit!

    queenlint1 said...

    It doesn't matter what schedule I'M on. You just know that they'll train me shit quick if I'm not! Abby will have me whipped into shape very quickly with her kung-fu auntie -Dina -get -breakfast NOW move (next one in the kata from Standing Crane, Hidden Poop Pile). Reno will be leaning against the huge wrapped mummy leg wall art in the hall, smoking a cigarette from a long onyx holder saying, "Do you vant us to show you how to call your mama for 'elp?"
    Blueberry and Balentine will pretend that it doesn't affect them either way since they're cats and can step on my chest in bed to get what they want... delivered. "Is that two medium sardines with cream pan pizza - extra cheese, or one thin crust and one pan style?"
    Boomer will be under the coffee table in the family room trying to pretend that it doesn't matter that females are in charge.
    I've girded my loins. I'm ready. I'm gonna love me up some dawg! We gonna have a wild party while you and Alex is gone to Philly!! We're running through the house with our undies on our head and will LUV it!

    queenlint1 said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Martha Marshall said...

    On the subject of dawgs, you gotta see my post from today. Scroll down.

    MARGARET FIELD said...

    Biig thanks Dina for promoting the new blog.

    Don't feel bad if you can only join in periodically.

    It's all about fun, and sharing your work with others.

    PS i'm sooooo glad my photo makes you all laugh. that's my aim in life. The whole world laughing, then there would be no time for fighting.
    May happen one day. HAHAHAHA

    queenlint1 said...

    A whole world laughing instead of warring would be MY idea of whirled peas!

    And you are most certainly welcome for the blog promo! I think it's a spank idea!