Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Told you about the new series of textile works I wanted to do. So. I just had to start one and have been working on it non-stop when I should be doing stuff for Sky and Cindy. She'll understand. She's artsy, too.

This first piece is called Geode. Chris' discussion about amethyst being his birthstone inspired me to start on this work first. I've sewn, set, manipulated and glued gems and beads and fiber to a large base for the last four nights until I'm stiff as a board. Woke up with a crunked neck, shoulders and hands. I told Martha that mama used to say, "You have to suffer for beauty", as I plucked my lush eyebrows. I never expected to suffer with my art, too.

I've a pile of amethyst, other precious gems and every style and description of glass bead and crystal in purple and silver tones I could lay hands on. I have an armature to build to give it shape and to drape on. Maybe that by the weekend.

(The picture above comes from the Gem Color Society.)

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