Friday, June 20, 2008

Beret and a Geode

I finished Sheree Rensel's glorious little summer beret! Her request was that it be light and airy. I 'wore' it on my knee for about 40 minutes this afternoon in a room without AC. This is the most scientific experiment that I could muster. But. No sweat. And best of all, no weight. As she is just a tiny little sprite of 4'8", she needs nothing to make her more dear to the Goddess Gaia than she already is.

This has always been my theory on small beings and animals. The more the Earth loves you, the smaller and closer you get to be, ergo, closer to Her. Diminutive people have always had something of the Fey in them to me. I've never known one to be totally world bound. Instead, they always seem to be a little bit in a place none of the rest of us can go.

I used to sew for a tiny woman named Sherry Lucas. You only just needed to see her to know that you were in the presence of faery folk. When Sherry smiled, Ireland would light up. When she frowned, it would rain. The Goddess blesses little beings of all ilk.

So. Sheree's beret is done. I adore the pin that I made out of scraps for her. There are glitzes and blings and sighs of yarn. The hat and pin look like they're made of moth butts and butterfly haloes. You can't see how airy it is. The pictures are courtesy of Windows without any editing so the color isn't true either.

I'm happy. I feel complete with it. I hope she does as well. Or. I'll be making another one more to her taste.


Sheree Rensel said...

OMG!! I LOVE IT!!! So when do I get it. Can I pay you NOW? I want it! I want it!! I am going to wear it to my Dave Matthews concert. I just got new purple glasses yesterday. OMG! I am going to look like a purple dork! That is so wonderful! Thank you so much Dina!!!

queenlint1 said...

It will be on the fly over the bay to you as soon as I can get to the post office Monday! So glad you like it! I think you'll look smashingly Anais Nin style with your Vogue ensemble!!