Monday, July 07, 2008

And Baby Makes Three

I have lots of news to catch up on since I've been away from home most of the last week or so taking care of Jim and Martha Marshall's home, dogs, and cats. I am their legal animal guardian and second mom to kids and pets so I spend the week there doing my best to make things run smoothly.

Since there's so much to let you all know and so many things to show you, I'm going to do this in bites as I get inspired and to keep me focused.

My first bit of news is that I now have a new kitten. I already told you all about Charlotte and posted a picture of her. She is the kitten who was deserted on the side of my road with an inadequate box for 'shelter' and an empty bowl. Charlotte is doing very well. After a dose of flea meds and tons of food, she's thriving. She still has a raging case of worms and over the counter isn't working so the vet is the next step in her recovery for well kitten shots and treatment.

Our newest member is Baby, a tortoise shell kitten. The name 'Baby' stuck for several reasons. She truly was a baby when she dumped here. Barely five weeks old, you could fit her in your hand. IF you could catch her! First she cozied up to Charlotte who was closer to her age and size. Then she cozied up to the food and clean water bowl. And finally, she cozied up to me.

To distinguish between Charlotte and her, I started saying 'baby' to get her attention so she didn't identify with Charlotte's name. And because she started to identify with 'baby' and had no preference for another name, she became "Baby". My friend Linda Conner swears that cats will let you know their names and I've found it to be true. Just as Charlotte let Cindy Miller-Ray know hers, and the neighbor's white cat let me know he preferred 'Sam' to 'Snowball', Baby IS Baby.

These pictures were taken last week. Shes' been here a bit under two months, loves to be sung to and purrs so loud you can hear her in the next room. She's a lap cat and silky soft. I wish you could see the whorls of color on her and the harlequin patterns.


Pam said...

Oh she is so pretty!

I really hate people today. Someone dumped a dog on the side of the road and it got hit by a car and is just lying there now, dead. I don't understand how people can be so cruel and unfeeling to leave a helpless domestic animal to fend for itself.

queenlint1 said...


My sentiments exactly! I've cared for so many animals left on the side of the road and buried my share as well. It's a lack of responsibility as well as immaturity.

These people do not need pets OR children! I'd love to catch them in the act!

redchair said...

I have 4 kitties. They all came to me as rescues also. But I wonder if it was them that needing rescue or me. They sure make a difference in my life.

I don’t know if you know, but you Baby is a Mackerel Tabby. They were given that name because that specific breed hung out at the shipyards and docks. She has the definite (what’s called)'M marking' on her forehead. My big guy Leo (18lbs) is a Mac kitty also and very similar in color.

queenlint1 said...


I'm so happy to know that Baby has a genealogy line! She's definitely a Mac something! Eats like a horse and not picky about the menu, is fearless as they come and the markings are marvelous!

I've got to read up on the Mackerel Tabbys!

You know. I have learned something from you every time I've read a post or a comment from you. Day-am girl. You're almost as good as a Thesaurus and Almanac!


redchair said...

Here’s a couple sites about Mac Kitties:

I have a friend down here that raises Bengal Cats. I wouldn’t have a pure breed cat. To many kitties that need homes. - But they sure are cute and part of the Mac Kitty line also.

queenlint1 said...

The Mackerels are gorgeous, but I'm not sure that Baby is a full blooded. She's got these weird whorls on her instead of the striping. And she's got almost every color in the book on her.

She's got a line down her back like a harlequin and ear tufts like a lynx. The has a guard coat as well as the longer hairs that are scattered around and huge feet.

I'll try to take pictures of her nether parts so you can see what you think.