Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Danced Around The House This Morning

I've read somewhere that never a day goes by without a song. It's true. Whether sung by me in my now reedy voice that used to perform in clubs as half of Salt And Pepper (I was Pepper), or the absolutely ecstatic chortling of a mockingbird outside my window just a happy clam to be alive, I hear songs.

This morning, the first post I read was An Artists Journal. Martha found an amazing multi medium artist from Germany, Eva Marie Nerling. I just added her to my favorite links and will see if I can snag an interview. The blog I read on her site had an incredible fun and snappy song called "Wir machen das klar" -- "We'll fix it!" by Jan Delay.

Go ahead and click on the link . If you can keep still, not giggle at the band's method of 'Fixing IT', write me, let me know where you got your lobotamy what drugz you're on! I have so often felt like Fixin' It when faced with a mess that's so entangled as to be untenable, doesn't matter if it's a dress somebody 'started to make' or a family situation.


P.M. Update: And I mean Post Mortem, NOT post meridiem/matin!

It is not a good idea to dance in the kitchen with a broken bone and a leg brace. It has now moved down to my ankle along with the swelling.


redchair said...

The music video is great fun and the song for Obama is just amazing.
She's a good find, Dina.

And I would agree- As you starting feeling better, it's real easy to re-injure yourself, dancing girl! You take care, huh?

queenlint1 said...

Hey Little Mama,

You're so right! I had lymph massage and some light therapy last night and it helped a lot, but I've got a while to go!

Forgot to tell you that I got my certificate!!


Her Divaness said...

Oh honey, take it easy with the Ginger Rogers routine ok? We love you and want you around for waaaaaaaaay longer :)


queenlint1 said...


Beauty, thanks for the comparison to the light of foot, Ginger Rogers! I'll take that...after I heal up!