Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunny Rising

I first chanced upon a picture-less paragraph in Craft Magazine Daily, an online anthology of various and sundry creativity that is one of the tools that gives me the impetus to keep creating. I need visual caffeine. Otherwise I would die, smell up the neighborhood, and be found some time later as a mummified corpse along with several cats as bony companions.

This one article said, “A Leathercrafter's Story: Etsy's Handmade Portraits" series goes in depth with successful sellers to tell the story of their creative rise to fame. In this one, learn how Allison Sattinger started her own line of beautiful leather crafts, Sunny Rising Leather"

"Valentine Koi" Leather by Sunny Sattinger

"Mixed Season Garland" leather by Sunny Sattinger

I went and looked, saw that they spelled her name wrong among other sins, then followed the URL trail. An hour or so later, I felt like I had found a child of mine. My email to her says pretty much everything I felt:

Miss Sunny,

Discovered you via Craft Magazine. No pictures or color or sounds. Just a blurb. The fools. First I found your art. Then I found your music. Honeylamb. Child. Darlin'. I have visions of you singing "The Love Of Your Life" at the next VMA Awards show with appropriate back lighting in a swanky gown. I'm retired from costuming or I'd want to make it. I'd like to help in a tiny way to get you there.

No stalking or hanging out in trees across from your house. I'm a 'femme de certain age' at 61, too fat to climb and sit on tenuous limbs, and you ain't my flavor. But. I can do a small part by doing a blurb and feature you on my blog, send you out to my upline, which is not all that huge, but dedicated, multi-cultural and multi-national/countries and scared NOT to do anything I tell them they need to do or buy. In this case, your CD.

Dumplin'. You've got one of THOSE voices. I hear Nancy Griffith, Patti Smith, Jewel, Carole King, Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt, Norah Jones, and a dash of K.D. Lang in there. You need your music out there. I hope your man understands.

I want nothing in return except maybe a subject for my blog so my coterie will get off my arse for a week or two. I'm a bit of an eccentric old fart with every possible joy in life right here in my hand. So. You can give me nothing and have nothing I need.

But I took a look at that face of yours, those huge blue eyes, and then I heard your pipes. Let me do this and then I won't aggravate you anymore. I want to put a video or two from YouTube, an uber brief bio and links to your Etsy shop and My Space where the CD can be bought. I will buy my own copy.

You can check me out at, and my Etsy shop is Deepwater Trading Company at I had a website with my costumes on it but some eternal pubescent from N. Korea or Van Nuys hacked in and stole it.

Say yes and keep my blood pressure meds down for the day.

Dina Kerik

And Sunny answered. Graciously. I have spent the last month dancing around Dogpatch singing “Love of Your Life” by Miss Sattinger. I almost have the lyrics memorized and the cats love it, too. Here's the video of her, guitarist and friend Matt Coleman singing an al fresco version

See them Wedgewood Blue eyes as big as moons? See them teeth in a smile that lights up a room like thousand watt kliegs? Can you believe that voice?!! I've got a feeling in my bones about Sunny Sattinger. And yes, honeychild. I want to name you. I think SUNNY should be a nom de guerre for this talented young woman Cher, Prince and Jewel are.

Can't get enough of her music same as me? Watch videos of her from THIS selection or this one HERE on YouTube.

Want to buy her CD (cover below)? See her My Space page here.

As if the voice weren't talent enough, she does metalwork along with her leather sculpture.

"Love in Ruins" Varacite/Silver by Sunny Sattinger

"Moon Phases" by Sunny Sattinger

I'm anticipating big things for Allison Sattinger – Sunny. I just may hang around long enough to make that slinky dress.

And I'll end this with a blessing. Sunny's blessing.

(Ed. Note: All photos, videos and music used with the express permission of Allison Sattinger. Copyright Allison Sattinger. Works may not be reproduced in any form or used without prior permission. I think that covers it.)


redchair said...

Hi Dina,
What an amazing, beautiful, talented and spiritual young women.
I'm just overwhelmed. She's absolutely stunning and I can see why you were so taken. She's so passionate about her leather art and her personality shines in her music. Incredible voice.
Really, really- nice piece. I have no doubt she'll be greatly appreciative of your efforts on her part.

Eric S. said...

Very talented indeed, You find some interesting people that we would never know about otherwise.

I put some pictures up, you might get a kick out of them

queenlint1 said...


Isn't she?!! I'd really love to see her get 'out there'. She reminds me so much of several really good women musicians who truly have the gift - voice and writing - like Bonnie Rait, Patty Griffith.


queenlint1 said...

Hey Cowboy! I'm coming right over to see you, honeylamb!

Dave said...

She is an angel isn't she.... and I love Etsy...

Stop over and see how much at

queenlint1 said...


Ain't she! I just finished a review of Steady Heart on Amazon. I haven't shown it to her yet!

Great blog! It is absolutely happy! I know where I'M going when I get the grumps from now on!