Sunday, February 08, 2009

Prelude to a Diss

I'm needing laughs as we head towards the big "V" day. I made these Auntie Dina's Anti Valentines Lavallieres for the jaded of us. The little video above is to remind us one and all what love really leads to.


redchair said...

That is to funny... and unfortunately absolutely true.

BTW- the little lacey esemble- would be PERFECT for our theme this month.

queenlint1 said...

Hey, Little Mama!

Thank you so muchj! My plight is solved for the challenge! I'm just not up to the pursuit of making just yet.

I'm still nursing the knee, and now the doctor tells me I have bursitis in it!! How un-sexy.....

Okay. Auntie Dina's Anti-Valentines it is. I'm going to put up my working sketches for the one I planned on making because I may still get to it and I want you and Capt'n Mike credited for the inspiration!


redchair said...

I'm stunned that you were able to do anything girlfriend. What the heck is 'bursitis?' I'll have to look that up.- Hey- Isn't that something our grandparents got? If so, I want you to STOP THAT RIGHT NOW! We're the same age-young lady- and I will NOT put with you having bursitis! (You're doctor must be a liar!)

Get better,

Anonymous said...

Happy anti-V day! Love the lavallieres!
Since watching that video I've been painfully aware of every time I slip into that passive aggressive mode. Oh the irony!
Lots of healing wishes heading out to your knee. The bursititis sounds like agony, hope it goes down soon xx