Thursday, January 22, 2009

Miracle Wrap Skirt Pattern Promise

I've noticed lots of interest for something called a 'Miracle Skirt'. From what I gather, it's a simple wrap skirt with some souped-up differences. I've made some preliminary sketches and will see if I can't come up with a pattern for you for the second free pattern in my series.

Stay tuned.

Here's the progress on my colorful knee experiment. The bruising is moving toward my ankle now and has completely enveloped my knee.

Day 4


Martha Marshall said...

I don't like the purple. I liked it way better in pink.

Of course I'll be checking on you to make sure you're doing OK.

queenlint1 said...

Gee. I thought for sure you'd be ribbing me about my grace and dexterity!

ladyiris313 said...

You know, that color puts me in mind of a large tattoo. Isn't the body amazing ... the way it is processing the healing, moving the blood and trauma, and all the unseen repairing going on non-stop. I bet you are tired! My acupuncturist reminds me that when your body is doing such work you must get a lot of rest, and eat well, and think good thoughts to bolster all that work and reinvest your energy. Such a Bionic Woman you are!

samate said...

OhOh! Get well soon!! Greetings from Germany!!!!


Wandering Jasmine said...

The knee is coming along nicely!
I'm intrigued about the so-called "miracle" wrap skirt too and imagining all kinds of weird and wonderful ways in which a wrap skirt might be miraculous!

queenlint1 said...

Lady Iris!

Certainly not a tattoo of any landscape I'd like to see! I was actually thinking that it reminded me of some discharge dyed velvet I did once that came out a purple violet in a similar pattern!

what amazes me is the extent of the bruising and how far it's traveled considering I just landed on the bottom of my knee cap.

queenlint1 said...


The fool thing is, I hadn't even had a glass of wine when I did it!

queenlint1 said...

From what I gather, the miracle skirt is a wrap affair that allows a woman to wear it through various body sizes.

I believe it's supposed to be reversible which would take care of the unfinished flap.

redchair said...

Oh Dina,
I read the previous blog in respect to your leg. You did quite a number on yourself.
I wiped out my left knee and leg in 2003. Not very much fun, huh?

You know I think part of it is - when we were younger we’d roll with the falls. Now- knowing our vulnerability & aware of our mortality, we grasp, brace and stiffen. That’s how we get hurt even worse. We just need to remember to roll with the punches, huh?

And I have to say- I hope Martha properly names the upcoming shades of purple and blue bruising textural masterpiece with a proper dedication to your trauma.

I’ve always kept lists also-even did that in my 20’s and 30’s. It’s a good habit.

Also-I think we all do this self assessment at a personally poignant time of the year. I do it starting during the holidays thinking about the upcoming New Year. Amongst all the questions I ask myself - the one that’s most important: “Are you happy? Are you enjoying your life?”

Oddly, even with my aging body and brain, I have to admit- there’s an indisputable and very loud “yes.”

Get better quick. You need to be out there kicking butt, girl.

annette emms said...

My word Dina, you've certainly done this in style! Bruises of such colour and proportions , I have never seen. Bless you, I hope you have prescribed yourself buckets full of tender loving care.much love Annettex

Her Divaness said...

Oh my god, oh my god, D, I am SO sorry for you. Yes I was amused by how you wrote the post and piqued by how precisely you managed to execute said dive. But I am SO sorry

~ Eve said it looks so bad and so sad, and she wanted to send you a gazillion hugs so get ready, here they come - that was a gazillion hugs from Eve :) ~

And no, I don't think you should be partying anytime soon either. The powers that be spoke to me too when I tore tendons in my right foot several months back. I persist in my 4" heels, regardless.


queenlint1 said...


Hey Little Mama! I have to admit I reacted with stiffened arms as the floor was coming up closer!

I also distinctly remember thinking 'broken hips = nursing homes' when I first realized something didn't feel right!

I don't think I'd trade the broken bone for torn tendons anyday!! Bones heal quicker than tendons - they just hang there like broken guitar strings!


queenlint1 said...


I am trying to prescribe myself care and rest, but given my schedule, I'm awfully glad the puppy doctor prescribed heavy pain meds!

I'm coming over to your place to see what you've been up to!

Big Southern American Hugs,

queenlint1 said...


Beauty. I believe in my soul that it was a minor genetic ommitance that you weren't BORN with high heels on!! I know your mom is glad you weren't, though!

Bless Eve's beautiful and kind little soul! I'll take the hugs and send her back some!

Tried to comment on your wedding post over at your place and got wierd messages. I personally can see you wearing the zippered bustier!! So VERY Diva!


Her Divaness said...

Got the comments, hun, I got 'em and I published 'em and I replied :D I've been fairly efficient thus far, on this 2nd day of our Lunar (Chinese) New Year!!


Susan said...

omgosh that looks so painful! feel better soon.