Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tiara Under the Dog Star. Seriously

Tiara BC (Before Combs)

Tiara Finished. I think.

I've been dog sitting Martha and Jim Marshall's three dogs and two cats. Got some Sirius beading and sewing done under their watchful eye. Pieced together two of the four skirts I have for the play. Even cut out a big surprise for Cindy and a petticoat for Sky.

I was tempted to add more - some droplets above the tiara - but it's saying no, so I've stopped for the moment and will watch it to see if it barks. Did some fill in between the swirls to tighten up the design. Bought a ton more crystals and beads since I ran out, and the two tiara combs to hold it in place. Cindy will kill me when she sees how much I spent in OTHER beads, but I'm trying to spoil her and stock up while I'm able to see the eye of the needle.

I decided to shape it slightly like a Russian diadem pushing the center of the beaded net inward and bending the beaded caps at the top outward. Looking at the finished picture of it, I see some spaces that call for a few more beads, which I will add after I finish with the day's sewing.

I'm pleased with it. It conforms very to the shape of the sketch I did on the edge of a newspaper and is light and airy enough to be sure that Sky is comfortable without having to have a stage hand prop her head up as she does her lines.

A continuation of the casual style tute:

Leave the last 2 or so inches of your frame without fill wires. Position your combs (can be purchased or made with elongated bent wire loops wrapped at the top and secured to a length of bar metal or several head pins wrapped together).

You'll use 26 gauge wire to wrap the combs securing the bar between your base frame. Bend your ends in at the finish and tuck inside the wrapping. You can also string crystals or beads on the wrapping gauge to position on the front side of your tiara as I've done.

Shape your tiara with gentle pressure and you're finished! Wor-lah!

I showed the finished product to Reno, Abby, Boomer and cats Balentine and Blueberry Marshall as I enjoyed my work and a well earned glass of Marty's house merlot. They were interested in it with what I assumed was real interest, but then they reminded me that it was dinnertime. Sigh.

A nice thing about being a dog is that you don't have to load up several bags when you leave to go somewhere and need to take your work with you. It's all there. Built in.


redchair said...

Hi Dina,
It's very pretty and it does have a wonderful antique European feel to the design. Yet again I've grabbed a jpg. Never know! The tiara may have to go into my painting also.

Anonymous said...

Alright, how much?:)! It's stunning-absolutely! I owe the government a ton of money right now-I just celebrated my 45th birthday at Cracker Barrel in Lake City(ouch!)-I just travelled 800 miles in one day with my father telling me how to drive-and I'm still smiling at that beautiful tiara. You never cease to amaze me, my friend! I love you! Twanga Twanga! Cinzia

queenlint1 said...

Grab and use any photos you want in your paintings. Just makes me feel like a rock star!


queenlint1 said...


Over a hundred and under one-fifty (!!) I made something for your b'day AND to dressy up for Halloween and it needed the proper necklace and colors to go with.

Ask Uncle if you could be one of the recipients of the bail-out!

Love you,