Sunday, October 05, 2008

Narcolepsy and Possum Children

Bodice and lining hand stitched together and ready to receive the sleeves.

Sleeve components together with lining, ready to be set in to the armscye of the bodice.

Skirt forepart piped and attached to skirt sides and back. Starting to look like a costume gown.

The strange title for this post comes from a discussion of the myth and mode behind the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty that took place in a college class I took on magic and religion. The professor asked for themes interwoven in the tale and I piped up with necrophilia, a woman weakened, impotent and rendered harmless.

After the class quit laughing, he agreed with me that indeed, that could be one of the psychological readings of the story. We discussed the Sleeping Queen that would be awakened in the Spring as part of a fertility ritual and I threw in another fifty cents with the fruit that put her in a narcoleptic state in the first place. How apropos that it would be Eve's apple, the Fruit of Knowledge.

Now. You could go on forever, or for at least a good long time serving up one implication of this, fractal the Prince and his gig with comatose Princesses and the angst between the Evil Queen and Beauty. But. I brought this up to let you know that I'm there with Beauty.

I've slept most of the week and feel I need more. My skewed diurnal cycles have interfered with getting my obligations done. I should have had more done in less time, but have been feeling enormous fatigue. Some of it I attribute to recurring chronic fatigue syndrome. I'm also convinced that the psaltery that we've had to listen to in D.C. over the bailout has made me crave an escape.

Most of all, I find it ironic that I'm costuming a character who echoes what is going on in my life with the theme of sleep. One of the perks of living life on the vampire side of the clock is that I get to see the night critters here at Dogpatch. This little child is an orphan who's mama wasn't quick enough for the road. I know that you're not supposed to feed the wildlife, but when you're this young, a steak ain't easy to find so I put out cat food mix and water.

She brought along a twig for her tail to rest on. The bowls are almost six inches across for scale reference.


Heather said...

I remeber many a converstaion at Dogpatch with you about these issues...great to hear you talking about them some more (I know you never really stop,LOL) and those Dogpatch babies...well I KNOW you...babies of all forms get fed and loved at Dogpatch, it's a magic land with a Goodly Queen at the helm.
I hope you feel better this week, and that GOWN is amazing, I would were to do the shopping if I could. :)I did a little escaping this weekend too.

Heather said...

sorry for the spelling issues...good loard I'm not all awake yet it seems. *GRINS*

queenlint1 said...

Heather Love!

Haven't we had many a convo, not only at DP, but at your kitchen table as you yelled at kids and dogs in between intellectual sound bites!!

I actually do remember us having conversations about this topic - including your take on the Prince being a royal perv.

Ironically, I think I was making costumes for this same play, different production wasn't I?

Tammy Manechia brought me three Barbie dolls and asked me to make the costumes for an adult human. There was Barbie Bride, a gold lame' top with turquoise silk skirt gown, and a winter outfit that was burgundy velvet circa 1860s with a fur hat, muff and trim.

Seems to my foggy mind that started the discussion. And didn't you write some awesome piece about it? I wish you'd find it and resurrect it here!~


queenlint1 said...

And honey, don't worry about the spelling! It's 11:55 and I'm STILL in a fog with just one cuppa joe!!

Martha Marshall said...

Oh how can one not love a face like that!!!

queenlint1 said...

She has an Abby kind of face! Just the sweetest! And how could I not give this one treats?