Tuesday, October 07, 2008

An Answer For Heather

Artist and writer Heather Brown-Truman is a longtime friend. We've shared lots of discussions in the past on many subjects, including the state of the STATE. Heather commented on the post that Martha Marshall put on Deepwater Journal about how stressed current events were making her (Martha). Here is what Heather said:

Write, call, email, fax, and pray...all these things are being done by the masses...but I am left with the same question, over and over again. Where is our collective anger? where is your anger? I mean they burned down their own town in LA over the Rodney King/OJ thing....but now nothing? When the new jobless numbers at almost 500,000 new claims for unemployment for the last month...where is our anger. Where are the marches, the protests on the steps, hell even turning over some cop cars and setting them on fire (not really) but something other than sitting at home and writing, and thinking and just being blissfully unaware...I have just that one question running through my head. Where is your anger? I mean we almost impeach a President for lying about diddling a page in the oval office, but mass murder and fear mongering, gets...nothing? Really? Watching the congress start the debate on the bill last night before the VP debate...some of the speakers warned of Marshall Law and riots will happen if they don't pass this bill. Oh, really? This is taxation with out representation,
this is economic terrorism, this is not only against the law of our Land but against the laws of logic. (Ed. Note: See the actual video references by Representative Brad Sherman HERE . You can see several related videos as well.) I'll tell you what...I know where my anger is...and I plan to light a match and set that beast on fire...it's go time...I'm pissed that both nominees backed this bill too...crap it don't matter who wins...in America, anyone can be elected to the office of President...that's the risk you take. I don't know what's next (well I do, but that's another post) but I do know that I do not have to swallow this bitter pill without bitching real loud, marching on my own streets, screaming...bring out your live human...ring the bells...bring out your live Americans!

I've often said that it really hasn't mattered who you vote(d) for. There has been an agenda that is just below the surface since the 1950s at least that many of us are ignorant about. I simply choose the lesser of two evils because I'd like a slower ride to Hades.

Here is my answer to Heather. And the rest of you. No matter what your political persuasion, I ask you for about 30 minutes of your time to watch author Naomi Wolfe describe what's going on in our land and what we can do about it. After you've watched it, get off your duff and go research. Don't just take my word or anyone else's about it. Read, look and see for yourself.


Martha Marshall said...

Yes. Saw the video a while back. I'm going to watch it again. Should be "required watching" before anyone would be allowed to turn on their TV.

Thanks for your support, darlin'.

queenlint1 said...

Anytime with the support, Martha.

We've all been so focused on each crisis as it unwinds that the overall picture and scarier thing about our rights being unraveled is often lost in the shuffle.

I know we've all wanted some peace and quiet in our lives and have gone into panic mode and sleeplessness over current events. But unfortunately, we can't afford the luxury of inner peace when the scenario is as it is today.

Sorry to have thrown the rock back in the pond, dear.


redchair said...

Hi Miss Dina,
I watched the video and I need to take some time to think about it before I can really comment with any depth.
Big hugs.

queenlint1 said...

I know this is a heavy topic. I considered not putting anything political on my blog, but the reading and research I've been doing for the last 17 years bears her out in just about everything she says.

It was scary to put it up here in light of the subject, but I thought it was profoundly essential that I swallow hard and do it.

I just kept thinking about your friend Helen that survived one Holocaust and see the signs.


Heather said...

Thanks for the post Dina, I appreciate your listening ear. I guess my fire has died down a little, now that I am back to just trying to stay alaive again. That's the biggest issue for me right now, we are being forced into a state of submission so we don't loose any more rights, jobs, hearts, souls, minds. It's making me feel sick and I must retreat for the needs of the many out way the needs of this on, for now anyway. You are a hero in my eyes, and I love you so much...well...I just love you is all.

queenlint1 said...

Heather Marie,

This one WAS written with you in mind. I hope that you're feeling productive again. I'd love to brainstorm with you to see if we could come up with some alternatives for you.