Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sleeping Beauty Has Sleeves

Sleeves have been set in by hand after easing the sleeve heads. Had one fitting on Sky and will get around to readjusting after the back lacing tab and zipper are in place. Ripped out one side of the skirt forepart because it was puckered and reattached it by hand this time to assure it works.

I added a simple row of the gold twist bugle beads and rocailles to the edge of the sleeve cape to tie the sleeve in with the bodice. Hand edges of pointed inner sleeve are piped and need finger rings to hold them in place. This is a very heavy sleeve!! I may have to put a tie in the upper back to keep the bodice from dragging off her shoulders!

I need to put gold bullion braid on the forepart insert and join skirt to bodice. Zipper will be hand set because this pattern doesn't call for one and it's an extra to help her dress for stage. Cindy's red calico petticoat is hanging up behind the bodice.

Tonight I finish off her shawl, cut out Kim's skirt and piece together another skirt. I also need to run a piece of elastic at the top edge of the center bodice.

I had two burglars yesterday afternoon. I left the back door wide open so George could come in and eat. She's been extra fussy lately because of the two new kittens and the visiting cats from next door. I hear this crash in the kitchen and get up from my desk to go see. I round the corner just in time to see two young raccoons dragging a plastic bag with 2 bags of cat food across the floor and headed for the back door. I told them that they could get take out when they started paying for the food.

They let go and waited for me on the porch to fill their bowls. Cheeky little buggers. I DO sometimes feel like an all-night diner with drive through. I don't mind feeding the extra guests, but they get pushy sometimes. There are two possums dining on the water side porch along with the neighbor's two cats, too.


Pam said...

Very pretty.

It sounds like heaven to be able to live near and "commune" with the animals. I currently live in a "concrete jungle" and hardly ever see wild animals except when they've been hit by cars. :-(

queenlint1 said...

Hey Beauty!

Honey, it sounds like you could use a dose of country with your griefs right now. Hope your Trief is doing a bit better!

redchair said...

Hi Dina,
It’s coming along fantastic! You know I’m loving these blogs and stepping threw this process with you. I did a little project this past weekend. I’ll send you pixs.

And I’m glad to hear you say that you talk to the critters out loud. I do also!! The little baby possums are big enough to visit on their own now. I’m over run with rabbits this year. Any hopes of a fall veggie garden long gone.

queenlint1 said...


I was told that there is a special dispensation for folks who are good to animals!!

If you can find blood meal anywhere, a good dusting of that, failing a chicken wire enclosure, will scoot off the bunnies.

Sounds like the owls and raptors have been thinned out in your area - maybe from fires or drought??


redchair said...

Hi Dina,
I’ll have to send via email the bunny repellant I’ve found. (Not suitable for comments page) Works for any 4 footed critter.

Last years firestorms were pretty devastating. The birds will eventually come back.
We’re still getting coyotes, the occasional bear and even mountain lions come down into neighborhood areas. They need water and a new habitat also. I have a pool and that’s an invitation to the beasties when waters scarce. I’m always aware of that during fire season.

queenlint1 said...


Artemis/Diana will bless you for keeping that pool filled for those poor critters!

My two bandits are coming to the water side porch like everyone else to eat since I've remembered to keep the door closed!

And your recipe (said with the proper emphasis ;} ) is wonderful!!


Liara Covert said...

People can indeed choose to live their on fairytales.

queenlint1 said...


Thanks for your visit and comment. I see by your blog that you have chosen a positive spin on life as well.

I've been blessed to have come to a profoundly nascent stage in my life where I've realized the connectivity and significance of all things.

My life has been written off and criticized by some to be less than ideal because I live off of an extraordinarily tiny amount of money, have no debt, sleep alone, and ghost about on an acre of largely unkempt woods and a house that has weathered past the stage of quaint.

I'm curiously free of shame for all of it. The wildlife (and people) who come here for comfort and acceptance is a miracle to me. That I can feed both body, and sometimes - soul is an enormous blessing.

I think that is why animals have no fear of me. I guess that is a fairy tale of sorts.


Martha Marshall said...

That so reminds me of 20 years ago when I worked for a guy who, when he had to be away, would ask me to go over and keep his raccoons fed. He lived in a wooded area near a Florida river. At 5 sharp every evening, if the food wasn't out on his wooden deck, there would be a dozen or more of them scratching at the sliding glass door. He bought 50 pounds of dog food each week for them. This was SO not a good idea on so many levels, but he was just a pushover for the animals.

Love the costume! (And I've seen it in person!!)

queenlint1 said...


I know that we're not supposed to feed them, but Paradise has been paved and turned into a shopping mall. Where else do they go to eat??

I think that the reason why my place is a haven is they feel safe, get a handout in addition to all the fruit trees and other edibles here, and no one molests them while they're trying to make ends meet.

I'd do the same for two legs!

I love this story and the vision of a pack of 'coons scratching for the deli to be opened up!