Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Old Fat Naked Women for Peace

Go see the old babes! This may truly be the answer to all of our National Defense issues!


Anonymous said...

That is awesome! I'm going to pass this one around. :)- Kim

queenlint1 said...

Doctor Kimmy!

Thank you Little Beauty! I figured that you'd like this one - feisty. Just like you!


LceeL said...

I like anything that'll get women naked. Just the way I am, I guess.

redchair said...

Hi Sweet girl,
I just got a new 'fancy monitor' for my computer and coming to your blog - I realized I didn't have any freaking audio!! Apparently I've got to download it from Samsung along with (yet again)another system update. Geez!!

Leaving a comment because I didn't want you to think I didn't stop by.

queenlint1 said...


Handsome. You are SUCH a man! You definitely would look out of place carrying a purse!! No question!

I just giggled.


queenlint1 said...


Dang, Little Mama! Didn't it come with speakers to hook up to it? If you have Vista, it should automatically find the software for any hardware plug in.

Make sure your speakers are attached securely.

Then come back and hear the Fat Lady song!