Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Vikki!

Found these fun videos in lieu of an E card for Vikki North's birthday! Cook up some Creative Spaghetti today!


redchair said...

Oh Dina girl,

That is the nicest birthday surprise. Thank you so much. You made my day sweetheart.


queenlint1 said...

I thought it was the most apropos of all I looked at because of the creative video effects! Kind of a cartoon of what you did in Hollywood!

Have a good, good day!


Anonymous said...

Dina! I looked up Alice Halverstadt to see what Mum was up to on the net and I see her name in conjunction with "Utah" and "Montana" and I think to myself it's got to be Dina. Shoo'nuf, it's you! How are you? I'm in foggy, damp cold San Francisco. I spend my time talking to people about their health and poking them with needles.
Hope you and yours are well. Luv, Sarah

Martha Marshall said...

That is priceless!! I've faved it on youtube.

Happy birthday, Vikki!!!

queenlint1 said...

My word! Another voice from my past! Folks, I read "Liza Lou and the Yellow Belly Swamp" each year as a Christmas story in Pleasant Grove and Alpine Utah when Sarah was a little girl! Her mom is the friend who gave me my reading name, Madam Zuchini!

Sarah is now a liscensed acupunturist and a Doctor of Chinese medicine!

Good to have you find me again!


queenlint1 said...

I love this groups work! Rooftop Sex is a hoot! That poor ole cat!