Thursday, July 10, 2008

Geode I is Finished!

Geode I 9"X21" Textiles and
Gemstones Mixed Media $3250

Finally finished the edges and final details on Geode I while I dog sat for Martha. I will put it on the back of a cradle board with Velcro before it goes in a gallery show or sells. I also decided that Velcro will help it be hung in any orientation as is pleasing.

You can tell the progression from the first pictures I posted. The binding/backing is a silk linen weave with a heavy slub that reminds me of the texture on the outside of geodes. The little pocket on the side was an afterthought that turned out well. I like the idea that it can be in the process of growing.

I'm really pleased how it turned out. There are multiple amethyst gemstones including light pink Cape Amethyst, grape amethyst cabochon, faceted amethyst beads, loose diamonds and a diamond tennis bracelet, druzy, quartz, tourmaline, tanzanite, fluorite, some lapis, fiber optic cat's eye, glass beads, vintage rose montees, opal, fire opal and opal glass, leather from a fashion belt, vintage beads from my stash of 1800s jet and rocailles, vintage sequins, hologram sequins, carnival beads, mirror, Swarovski crystal, hand dyed brocade from Cindy's stripper costume, square bent silver wire, ivory salt water, gray and peacock fresh water pearls, iridescent blue rhinestones from a 1950s cocktail dress, and a lead crystal cube.

I know I'm OCD.


redchair said...

Hi Dina,
All I can say is WoW! Absolutely breath-taking. Really beautiful.

queenlint1 said...


Coming from you, this is truly a humbling compliment! Thank you!

Very hard to photograph the bling without blinding because it picks up every bit of ambient light.


Martha Marshall said...

I've seen it in person!! It's just incredible. Wow is right. I still can't get over that tennis bracelet.

HMBT said...

OK this is so very pretty, but the list of stuff blows my mind. Dina your work has alwys astounded me (I can't sew a button) but this one, this one is tottaly top shelf!
Way cool how much stuff you used but it does not feel over the top at all, it's so darn pretty, I may never understand how you do what you do, and it don't matter because man do I love it! :) Missing you!


stunningly beautiful