Monday, July 07, 2008

Maggie Field's ACEO Challenge

I've completed the first challenge for Maggie's Monday Musings, Margaret Fields' membership challenge site. The pictures were awful and I just replaced them so a bit more detail and color could be seen!

The subject is PARISIENNE and this is my interpretation of it. I have to do mine with lint and beads don't you know! To be a Parisienne means many things, but I kept mine to dance, Bardot and the 'City of Lights'.

'Le Tango', Degas' ballerinas at the barre, and the two Folies Bergère dancers give nods to the vivid entertainment and night life of Paris. I used beads and laser sequins to mimic marquee lights. And of course, brocade for the enduring fashion industry.

Had lots of fun with this one and can't wait for the next!


Artyfax said...

Hi, even allowing for the photos, I can see that these are bloomin' marvellous. Well done for interpreting the theme so well - John

queenlint1 said...

Thanks so much for your comment! I was a bit hesitant to go up with Maggie Fields and her stellar group.


redchair said...

It's beautiful Dina. The first photo actually looked like a big purple jewel. It's really amazing what you do. This sounds like so much fun. I've got to make a clearing and join you all in this.

queenlint1 said...

I would love you to meet Margaret! She's an absolute hoot and so flipping creative! She could 'hang' with all of us!

Please join! It will stretch you a bit.

redchair said...

Martha M. wrote me that she was anxious to see your comment on my Trespassing blog. She said you’ve got 'tid bits' on the subject. I'd love to hear.