Monday, May 05, 2008

Greetings From My Planet

I truly have been working hard on the costume rushing to get it finished and on Cindy by performance this coming weekend. Altered a skirt and blouse set for Cindy's daughter Sky to wear as one of the Hollywood Blondes in Gypsy. Got that done early this morning and then went back to work on Cindy's.

I've backed the butterflies with purple felt, chalked out the wing design on the silk, put the placket and the elastic in the skirt, and cut the Firmatex backing that will support the butterfly and beads on the skirt. Now I'm working on the headpiece.

Cindy found this leather belt with silver glitter on it and I applied it over the brocade on top of a padded headband. The antennae are made of three ab chenille pipe cleaners that I twisted together and beaded with crystals. I pushed the ends through the belt weave and twisted them in place and applied a ton of glue.

Use 527 Multi Purpose Cement from Bond to glue leather and fabric to any plastic or wood surface. I will glue and wrap the edges down after I've done the beading and finish the ends of the leather. Bead tassels will go on the ends. Tonight I airbrush wings and skirt fabrics with butterfly markings.

Cindy and I talked about how many costumes I've made that I never thought to take pictures of or was too rushed to do them. Maybe some will turn up in someones archives somewhere.


Pam said...

I try to take pictures of everything I make now. When I think of all the things I made as a kid, and didn't take a picture, I could kick myself. I didn't realize then how important it would be to me in the future.

queenlint1 said...

It is so important to take those pictures or keep a scrapbook with a photo AND a sample of cloth or the work. The other thing I'm finding now is that I don't know WHO or WHAT is in those pictures of 25 or 30 years ago! So label and identify everyone!