Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Off In The World

Maman Brigette Veve 3 1/2" X 5" ACEO Fetish Series #1 of 6 and the Veve' drawn on the ACEO face SOLD

#4 New Orleans Blues Fetish
5 1/2" X 8" Fiber Hanging

Two of my fiber pieces sold while I was busy costuming. I'm happy to see them go to their new owners. This has prompted me to get back to art in between beads and cloth.

As I sat here sharing a cup of coffee with a mosquito I thought of another avenue I'd like to explore. I'm newly back in love with airbrushing and also love the colors and grittiness of rust and dirt dyeing. Maybe I'll combine all of them with some stones and see what happens. I wonder if you can airbrush tea and coffee?


Aleta said...

Love the New Orleans Blues Fetish one, but then, I'm partial to the place!

queenlint1 said...

Aleta! (I love that you're named after a queen!) Being from Metarie, I know you are partial. BTW my neice was born in Metarie. Appropriate since her parents met at Mardi Gras and stayed there!
I love your beaded bands!