Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Video Response To More of the Same. With Moose.

MY America doesn't exclude those of a different religion, color or those of independent thinking.

MY America chooses to see what we can do without stuffing the pockets of big corporations and paying attention to community - United We Stand.

MY America has its good name back as the country others look to for leadership, not war.

MY America is ready for REAL change, not one co-opted by the same old party that has given us the biggest deficit in history, the most unemployed Americans, TWO wars started under false pretenses, and the desecration of the most important of our documents - the Bill of Rights and our Constitution.

MY America is one that looks to home to rebuild our roads, levees, schools with those dollars that are going into the blood lined pockets of Halliburton, Kellog Brown and Root and Blackwater. My America invests in renewable green energy solar and wind so that we aren't held hostage by Big Oil and foreign oil cartels. My America doesn't need a gun swinging cowgirl and maverick to look for the next country to bomb to stay in business ("Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran"?). My America brings our soldiers home, gives them the medical care and support they need without making them wait for 2 years or more, and honors them with the same benefits my father and grandfather earned with their blood and their bodies fighting WWI and WWII.

I am tired of the rhetoric of what is. I'll look at the records and the true facts. I hope you'll research, do your homework, open your minds and vote for REAL change, not more of the same. I will.


Martha Marshall said...

You know I'm with you, my friend. Glad you're speaking up. We all need to speak our truth right now.

queenlint1 said...


I just had to with all the hyperbole going on. I respect everyone's right to chose. All I ask is that they look past the bragadocio and dig for reality.

You know what I think of government as a whole. I just think that we need to be very careful.


tammy vitale said...

oh, you GO, Girl! I'm delighted that our Americas match...must be the real thing, yes?! the way to do this is make sure you take 5 people with you when you vote that might not have voted otherwise (they're out there, I can't believe it, but they are)