Sunday, September 28, 2008

An Animated Child's Take On The Bible

Vikki North had a post on her blog on a painting of the vision of Ezekiel from the bible and how it's interpreted. I found this Academy Award winner and just had to share it. These are real children's stories that are animated.

One of the interesting threads of the various conversations had to do with translation of holy books over the years and how those translations can change a word or two at a time. I love this innocent Irish take on how all holy stories are open to interpretation just through retelling.


redchair said...

Hi Dina,
This is so precious! Just extraordinary. Don’t you love the animation? And her little Irish voice accent! What a brilliant piece.

Thank you so much for the mention also, my girlfriend.
Love you,

Eric S. said...

That was great, I loved the little girls accent and voice. Just so precious and innocent.

queenlint1 said...

Vikki! You're so welcome. The painting of Ezekiel's vision got this started. I also found some others of the Irish children telling bible stories and added them to the post.


queenlint1 said...


Hey there cowboy! I thought so, too. What was so wonderful was the way that they embellished the stories, like Lazarus having Jesus and his 'gang' over for tea!


Manuela Valenti said...

They sound so cute and adorable!!!

queenlint1 said...


And they accept the details of the stories and give them back with their own sweet spin!


tashabud said...

Hi Dina,
Sorry, I haven't visited since our Past Lives writing project. I'll be linking you to my novel blog: The Big Picture--A Novel

This will allow me to visit you more often. I'm glad that Vikki told me of your latest post.

Those are definitely Academy Award winners. The girl's voice and accent are so adorable and so endearing. The animation and voice over were excellently done and are so precious.

queenlint1 said...


Aren't they adorable?! And they show in such a wonderful way how stories go through the 'I've Got A Secret To Whisper In Your Ear Game' on their retelling!

Thanks for the link-up!


Martha Marshall said...

Just adorable!!

queenlint1 said...

Aren't they, Martha? I see why it won an Academy for best animated.