Saturday, August 23, 2008

Soggy Bottom Here At Dog Patch

It has rained off and on most of the week. I believe we got more rain after Tropical Storm Fay made her fourth trek across Florida breaking records and proving once again that weather forecasting is an inexact art. The cats have been holed up here in the house. I'm afraid if I let them out, they'll get a terminal case of mildew.
I decided to leave the flooded yard and swollen canal out back behind and headed over to Martha's for a day of visiting and handwork. Her husband, Jim came home because Orlando was a mess and joined us.
I have this gorgeous true and deep turquoise faille that was just begging to become a Goddess Gown and hauled over a tub of beads and supplies and spread out on Marty's breakfast table while she Juned around the kitchen with her gorgeous new paintings with interference colors on them sparkling like the tiny jewels I was working with. For the non-provencial of you, "Juneing, June, or Juned" is a Southern verb for messing around in the kitchen a la' June Cleaver of Beaver fame.
I took over some fabrics for her to look at for textures since I swear the woman can find inspiration staring at plumbing pipes! Every time I go over there it looks like I'm moving in because there's show-and-tell, hand work in some stage of evolution, or things to share.
You ALWAYS go to Martha's knowing that she's going to be working because she never stops. That's why I bring work with me to do while I visit.
I sketched a design on a magazine cover while in a waiting room Thursday with the intent of using it as a design element on the gown. I got to Martha's realizing that I'd left my transfer paper at home. Here's one method for transfering a design without tracing paper:
1. Use a large safety pin or needle to punch holes around your paper design at 1/8" to 1/4" intervals.
2. Pin your design securely to the cloth centering it over the area where you want it.
3. Use a piece of chalk to rub over the holes. If you don't have chalk, you can use baking soda or talcum to dust over and rub through the holes like pounc.
4. I use a colored Prisma pencil to enhance the design since chalks and powders rub off.
If you click on the progress picture of the gown above, you can see the outline of my design. I'll work on it today while I watch CSI New York reruns on the 'net. I'll share a picture when I'm finished.


redchair said...

This is really pretty- I love turquouise also. It's such a bright fresh color.

queenlint1 said...


I know! Turquoise is a 'living' color to me. Even though it has such serene sounds, it is just bursting with life!