Saturday, August 02, 2008

Bind Your Own Books!

I think this is an avenue to explore for artists. What if you could make your own books - say bound copies of your artwork to hand to a prospective client or gallery? What about selling hand-made one of a kind books in limited editions? Or how about making your grandchildren their own coloring books with pictures they've drawn, photos of themselves or fun vacations using black and white copies with a bit of Photo Shopping to manipulate out large blocks of pattern so they can add their own?

Can't find the author of this video or his site, DIY Bookbinding. If I find his name, I'd like to credit him and direct traffic to his site. In the meantime, use the link above.

Let me know what you make with this technique. I'll feature you and your project.


redchair said...

Hi Dina,
That was so cool! I've never done or seen anyone do book binding. My mind raced with a dozens of possibilities of what I could do.
Great spot and idea.

Martha Marshall said...

This is great! BTW, here's the link:

He sells a lot of stuff on his site.

queenlint1 said...

I know! I thought of so many projects that my brain is just swimming!

I actually have this link in the post but can't seem to find his name anywhere since it's kind of unclear whether he's the one who wrote the books or did the video.


C. Robin Janning said...


Thanks for this inspiring post!! I'm trying to talk my husband into building me a book jig! Can't wait to try this.


queenlint1 said...

Dumplin' - Me and Martha were just talking about urging you to bind your art and poetry!

And you know that we've been after you to 'do' a book! Girlfriend. Get him to make you FIVE jigs, bind your work and sell it on your blog!! And include your photographs along with your paintings!


Lilly's Life said...

Dina - I have used thermal binding systems which are great but this is the real deal. Very interesting post! Are you going to givethis a go?

queenlint1 said...

I think I will! I've thought about binding my blog for my son since he never seems to have time to go online to read it.

Thermal binding sounds technical!


mde art said...

Wow! I've had an intention to find out more about bookbinding for months, and this is a gem of info. Thank you for sharing this!

So... many... ideas... racing... :)


queenlint1 said...


Doesn't this just present a huge amount of things-to-do?

What I love about it is the simplicity: "Copy pages. Fold. Stack. Jig. Glue. Cover. Done".


Brady Frost said...

I really enjoyed that video. It kind of opens up a whole new realm of ideas. I think it would be awesome to put together a book for each of my children, sort of a YA novel for each of them that could be theirs alone.

Thanks for sharing!

queenlint1 said...


I know! So many ideas. So few lifetimes!

I see that you live in Utah. I'm a past denizen. Lived way outside Fairview and way behind Indianola.

Thanks for your comment! And I'm glad that you can use the info.