Saturday, August 30, 2008

Double Breath, Interlude

Okay. There's this amazing fiber artist that I want to introduce you to. But. I think that there needs to be a space between the heaviness of New Orleans and Katrina and my British Isles doyenne.

You see. There is a place for heaviness and another for lighthearted and engendered art - especially in the fabled way that she renders it.. Before I segue into sharing this angel of thread with you, there needs to be a space that is ambient neutral.

I have to tell you that her creativity is stunning. She captures something of the Fey with her needleworks. Childhood is alive and thriving under her hand. You'll see what I mean when she's in print here at the Deepwater Journal.

The planet is large and alive. And there are many of us threading the story of our time here. What this woman I will share with you here does is magic - not plain and simple, but profound, gorgeous, and complete.

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Heather said...

I can't wait! Hurry, hurry, you know I love the real magic in this world. Loving you! :)