Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Part One Small Quilted Wallhanging Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to make a small quilted and embellished wallhanging like those in my New Orleans Blues Fetish series listed on These small pieces are wonderful to brighten up a narrow wall space or hung in clusters.

1. Start your piece with a 4 1/2" X 6 1/2" top. I recommend using a sturdy fabric that can stand up to the weight of your embellishment and hold its shape after quilting. Your top can be pieced, embellished with beads or gemstones or collaged with fabric scraps, lace and ribbon. The first picture above shows the beaded piece ready to be quilted.

2. After your top is ready, cut a fabric backing, batting and interfacing the same size as your top as in picture 2 just below.

3. You'll stack your work with a layer of sew-in interfacing, batting and backing under it. The interfacing under the embellished layer doesn't show up well in the third picture. It's the edge of white just under the beaded top. Don't worry if your layers aren't exactly the same. You'll trim off the extra after they're all basted together.

4. Once together, pin the different layers together starting with the center and working towards the edges smoothing your layers as you pin.


Martha Marshall said...

This is an inspiration even for an abstract painter! Wonderful fun.

queenlint1 said...

Isn't mind boggling the amount of applications that this would lend itself to? Maybe stitching and quilting acrylic painted abstract canvases for added texture.