Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Stripper's Kimono

Finally had to go with template to get everything on the page. I'm okay with it. Doesn't have the pop the first template had, has none of the probs the second one had, so I'll stick with it if it will stick with me.

This is Cynthia's kimono for the play. I've cut out the brocade and basted it together, sewed the seams I'm sure of as I cut and draped it. The sleeves are serendipitous due to two factors: The brocade we bought had sun damage along one end of the goods. I'd planned on cutting around and above these and then would use the balance for piping or bias. I added the sleeve extensions deliberately placing the fabric so that the satin changed the light with the direction of the grain fro a two-toned effect. I liked the color contrast so much that I thought that the sleeve lining could use up the lightened fabric. Starting to look like a 1920s stripper's kimono!

The sleeves are on, need a pressing and lining needs to be stitched down. The collar panel will go on today. I did not use the traditional front and side gores because I thought the effect over her show costume would make her look hippy with all the extra folds.

Note to brocade users: Serge the edges of every single piece or you'll end up with brocade fibres in your feed dogs, seams, stitching arm, George and your mouth. They're especially worrisome when there's static in the air!


Anonymous said...

Dina-it's gorgeous!!!!I'm going to be the best dressed stripper ever in community theater-they'll probably put me in Ripleys! Will also be perfect for "Getting in Touch with Your Inner Stipper". In the lingo of a 12 year old, You Rock!
Love you!

queenlint1 said...

Can't wait to see your one-woman show! "Getting In Touch With Your Inner Stripper" is a class waiting to be born for bored urban women!

Love back,

Pam said...

I've been meaning to tell you I am in awe of your sewing talents. I remember trying to make some pajamas when I was a kid using a pattern and sewing machine, and was always in tears over the frustration!

queenlint1 said...

We all have our gifts! I LOVE your kitschy crochet critters and your scientist's mind for detail. I tell friends, "I'll sew. You cook."