Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Before I get back to my story, I'd like to share with you a convo (Etsy shorthand for personal conversation) from one of my friends there. She has survived the allopathic routine less one boob and was telling me some of the things that set her off about the reaction to breast cancer. This was my answer.

You undoubtedly have some of the biggest set of cajones in the neighborhood of planet Earth. What you lost in a boob, you gained in balls or ovaries as the case may be! I'm with you on the pink shirts/ribbons, etc. If you don't mind, I'd like to send you the email I sent out with my mammo/sonogram reports and what I had to say.

I'm choosing a different route because the numbers and facts aren't really squealing success to me with a cure. 20 to 40% survival rate with my type of cancer AFTER treatment ain't really shiny odds. The reoccurance rate on cancers supposedly in remission are also another high most doctors don't shout out about. I figure that as long as there's cancer, the big pharmas, hospitals and medical professions have a job and some luxury toys. Where's the incentive to CURE it??

The protocols that I'm using have stood the test of time: My diet is from Dr. Johanna Buddwig, 5 time Nobel medicine prize nominee along with Dr. Otto Warburg. These two were shouted down, taken to court by the medical establishment numerous times, thrown out every single instance, and their research and writings were denied publication.

Nicolai Tesla was first to use electricity with light and Bell got the credit. Tesla's inventions, including clean energy, clean ambient energy from the soil/air/sun/water, AND the oxygen therapy I'm using that has faded the redness and swelling on the IBC has been buried. Now he has a huge underground cult following that have taken his experiments and devised 'space alien' technology.

There are many studies to show that cancer is a fungal/viral invasion and that the exponential increase in cancers is caused by the huge amount of toxins and unhealthy additives in our food chain, but you won't find one of them in a medical trade publication, nor in an issue of Science.

I grew up across the street from an EPA superfund cleanup site and less than 1/8 a mile from 2 others. I went to school on yet another site that was the most toxic superfund site in the US for decades. Where do you suppose I got my phalanx of diseases and rare cancers? And where did my dad get his rare periarteritisnodosa and my sister her issues with her kidneys, schizophrenia?

Bern, there is a safe, cheap method to clean up ANY toxic site without all the bullshit of digging it out, transporting it elsewhere, 20 years of studies and recommendations that takes less than 3 months out there. Do you imagine any of those asses getting all that government dough are going to give up their permanent job and a good thing just to clean up the environment?

I'm on my box tonight. Can't sleep. Stuff running around my head. I read your convo and what THEY put you through and am just flat pissy. Gotta be a better way, GF.

6 October 2009 4:50am EDT

I'm revealing some of my therapies early here. Just a hint of them. I'll fill you in next time.


Pam said...

I am so horrified at the thought that pharma is holding back information that could lead to cures, because of MONEY. I can't even grasp the idea. How evil is that?

Eugenie said...

Dear Dina,
I was looking at you beautiful lace listed on Etsy and then checked your profile. Oh gosh. I wish you all the strength, determination and luck. My good wishes are with you - even if it doesn't make any difference, I wish you to become completely healthy. I know it happens, so may this happen to you as well.
Warm wishes,

queenlint1 said...

Pam, Money is a great motivator and truly is the root of all sin. Read the newspapers today where the rich are stealing from the poor, each other and their own mothers in the Ascot case. When is IT enough?


queenlint1 said...

Bless you for your side-trip! And thanks for looking at my laces and trims! I'll take all well-wishes and prayers of any stripe.

I, too am hoping for a miracle. But I'm also a realist. We all must pass and this is just my time to deal with this next great journey.

I hope to educate women on this rare and terrible form of breast cancer.


Pam said...

Eugenie is right! My ex-husbands ex-father-in-law was diagnosed with an aggressive type of cancer (can't remember what kind). They told him he had six months. Well he is still here, 5 years later and doing well!

queenlint1 said...

Since I've made it my life's practice to do everything a bit different from what's expected of me, I'll see if I can join your uncle's 5 year record despite being given 1 or 2!!


tashabud said...

Hi Dina,
I'm glad that you're taking some form of therapy, be it an alternative kind. There's nothing wrong with that. Your positive attitude is another asset to your recovery, so, keep it up.

May God bless you and have a great week ahead of you.