Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Apatx Latorre's New Woman

So. Friend Apatx calls and says he's just finished his latest painting and would I look at it. Answering with the Southern affirmative referencing the nether parts of cats, I tell him to send her. She knocks my socks off as does all his women.

This man truly loves women. He gets them the way Don Juan De Marco got them. And allthough there's nothing carnal in that statement, he does make love to them in his imagery ad brush. Here's what he sends me along with her:

Hi Dina,
I hope you are well and happy when reading this. Here attached I am sending you two pics of my most recent painting, "The Spirit Of The Water And The Spirit Of The Earth"

This painting is all about womanhood. All the elements are there (Water for deepness, flowers for beauty, trees for stability, fruits for achievements, seeds for postential, roots for strength, the moon for its mystery, and the basice design behind it is the whole femail reproductive system if you can see it! I will give you a clue - the orange circles by her hands are the ovaries and the rivers that flow to them are the fallopian tubes). She holds an Egyptian Wass - Scepter that is a phallic symbol as well, meaning power over both sexes. There is a Bleeding Heart Flower and a serpent ready and a serpent ready to devour it and this flower is the symbol of young age, maturity and decay. She is also stigmata but not as a religious symbol, but as the symbol of selfless sacrifice that some women can show for others. There is more.......Do you like her face?


Do I like her face??

She's magnificent! I love the yoni and vulva with the bleeding heart and snakes / caduceus! Besides phallic, snakes are also the creature of Gaia because they live in the Earth - the skin of the Mother! They are the symbol of healers and wisdom - doctors stole the symbol from the old herb women who had it passed down from the Goddess culture of the Neolithic. You also turned the Eve and the Apple myth on its head!
And you used the symbology of the Three Norns with the bud, the bloom and the spent blossom!: The Wyrd Sisters of the CarpathianNordic peoples, The Fates who spin us into being, weave our lives full and fruitful, and cut the thread of our lives when it's over. You even represented the Tree Of The World, Yggdrasil where the Fates held court!!~
She IS the the divine chalice! I can see the wings of pink of the uterus which fits behind the pelvic cradle- the Horns of Hathor! And the sacred blue waters that form the channel for the follicle to be fertilized by her divine consort and flow outward into the world of the future. Beautiful, beautiful symbology!
Her face is very familiar, like someone I should know, and her mood is pensive, contemplative. Her eyes and expression reminds me of an old Vermeer. Beautiful. You've given her such character so masterfully! I have to tell you, I blew it up to 150% and could barely see abrush stroke. You made love to this canvas with the brush!
And is the brooch she's wearing an ouroburous around a sapphire?
The chrysallis and emerging butterfly - so cool in its positioning next to the pelvic girdle! And the tiny drop of menstrum coming from the yellow diplodenia, so small and subtle. And you gave emphasis to the gold crown chakra and the flowering of the heart chakra. Hummingbirds drawn to her nectar, the detail of her dupatta! Honey, you could call her The Madonna!
This time showing the pain and devotion of the mother when the child is gone, the stigmata is understandable and apt.

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