Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Business of Life

I've been reminded and hunted down by several stars in my life that I haven't paid much attention here lately. Excuses are abundant, but it boils down to just a few: I'm busy out of my mind since my Deepwater Trading Company shop on has taken off. And I just emerged from my Persephone part of the year.

Yes. I know that herselfs journey took place during the winter months, but I'm a cancerian and Saturn takes a swing at me the 3 months before my birthday in July. Hard swings. All my births, deaths and anniversaries come during this time and although each year gets a little easier and brighter, I'm still reminded yearly that I'm an orphan without any family left.

August brings one last punch at the end, but by that time, I'm chirping and happy and dancing in the kitchen with the cats. What I learned from this time in my solar year - tell the people in your life that they are important to you, that you love them if you truly do, and to take a bladed weed eater to the energy vampires and users in your life that play games set up for you to never win. You'll break your back trying to please them and your best will never be good enough.

But also, along with the goings, like my BFFs Martha and Jim Marshall packing studio, house, my god dogs and cats and moving way the hell to BFE Alabama where I can't flounce over, have Alexander (Jim) make me THE world's best martini or perfect Manhattan while dishing out enough razz that I give up the sulk for cursing at him until he laughs at me, or sit there talking to Martha and watching at the creative marvel she is and the incredible mind she has ping off of mine, and feed bites to three of the most amiable fur people in the world under the table. Within an hour or two, I'd be right as rain - Are comings: Several new and dynamic friends who think I'm in-fooking-credible (new word 'fook' gratis my Lis Beck/wonderful French Canadian adopted girl child), and worthy of taking a like to.

I am blessed. My tattered old house and soul are being slowly repaired, shined up, looking like a Victorian grandee. And the house ain't bad either. I have a live in man - more on that later and the most joy in my heart for many an age.

And Etsy. I've been discovered. My mix of eclectic words, unusual and hard to find vintage, antique and contemporary laces and trims are hot cake items now. I ship to Australia, Spain, France, the United Kingdom from Wales to Scotland, Borneo, Singapore, Japan, Israel, Canada, the US and anywhere else there's a post office. And they come back so I can spoil them more. I love seeing the incredible arts on Etsy. I have the most creative and talented people on the planet. They like me and they like what I do. That's a big check, check, check on the things we all need list.

Maybe I can take a few minutes to update you, post some more patterns, finish the story of Talis and Littlefoot and just connect.



Pam said...

So glad to hear of your success!

queenlint1 said...

Little Flower,

It's your turn next!


My Mother's Garden said...

How wonderful for you! Sounds like many blessings have come your way.
Happy for you~

queenlint1 said...

And Karrita, YOU are right in there at the top, floating like cream in the Creative category.

Thanks for your comment.

And if y'all want to see bird feeding taken to exquisite heights, visit My Mother's Garden!


Mary Sonya Conti said...

ahhhh the Phoenix rises!