Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Miracle Wrap Skirt: Pattern And Instructions!!

The Divine Ms de Hart in her
Miracle Wrap Skirt

Beginner's version
Advanced Version

I've been consumed with trying to determine how to draft a free pattern for you that did not require a degree in physics for this timeless garment, when...poof! What should appear in my email, but the EN-tire project WITH pattern, WITH detailed instructions, WITH a ton of pictures!! See. That's magic. All I have to do is think about something hard enough and it's going to manifest. ("Look at all this money!! What am I gonna DO with all of this money?!? Have you ever seen so much money in all of your life!??! However will I spend all of this money??!!")

The author of this miracle of appearing miracle skirt pattern is designer Andrea de Hart. For more of her incredible crafts and sewing tips, visit her site, Crafty Bitch!!

The only thing that I would add to these fabulous directions is where she shows the advanced version that has a piped edge slightly rounded is to say that a piped edge actually helps you turn and finish anything beautifully!!

So here goes! Download the pattern in PDF format HERE from Craftzine. See the entire layout HERE from Craft Magazine Volume 6.

My undying thanks to Ms. de Hart for doing all the gray work for me!


redchair said...

I love wrap around skirts and this one is so cute……but I do have a horrible memory with one. You got it: 16 years old and it fell off me going up the stairs at the high school. Fortunately I did have a slip on but I most certainly thought I’d never live past the day at that tender age.

Art4Sol said...

I will have to try this one...I'm not much of a seamtress but it looks easy enough.

Jenn said...

So pretty! I just bought a wrap skirt on ebay..oh I wish I could sew!!

megan said...

The pattern on the beginner's version is nice. This skirt will go with lots of different tops. I like wraparound skirts because they are so forgiving if you gain a few pounds. Redchair makes a good point that wraparound skirts have a certain risk associated with them. I have had a wraparound skirt blow open once. Yes, it was really embarrassing, but it was unusually windy and the skirt never really fit right. It blew open and straight up in front of my boss! I got rid of it and have not had any other problems with wrap skirts. Good luck with your Miracle Wrap Skirt!!!

Carla said...

I just started following your blog, and I love it. Unfortunately, when I went to check out the overall layout for this pattern, the magazine said I couldn't view that page. Oh, well - I DID get the PDF files, and I think I can piece it together (please pardon the pun!), from those.

Thanks for all of the great ideas!

queenlint1 said...


This is a perfect pattern to make up in several fabrics! I like the fact that it's reversible and provides a twofer for your time.

I'd love to see pix of what anyone makes with these!


queenlint1 said...


The skirt falling off is a horror at any age! A kilt pin or two placed just above the widest part of the hip and thighs gives you a rescue moment before total disaster!


cue2me said...

I plan to wear a pair of shorts under mine. That should solve the problem. Then maybe as I get ready to leave work, I can whip it off, jump in the car and go!

Hopie said...

I really hope you can help.... skirt is so very fab... the PDF is only the pattern pieces and there are no instructions attached and the pattern piece for the waistband/tie is not included...HELP... i know the original post is about a year old so i hope someone still visits this.... :(