Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I've been Blog Tagged. As an old heifer, I'm not really sure of the nuances of this form of social diplomacy. So. I will respondez via instructions:

samate said...
Hello, I am every day on your blog and so I want to tag you.The rules Start with 7 random facts/habits about yourselfPeople who are tagged have to write their 7 things on their blogThen choose another 7 people to get tagged and list their namesDon't forget to leave them a comment to tell them they have been tagged and to read your blogGreetings from
7:00 AM

Seven random habits and facts about me. Jeez. Should I mention that I know how to drive a big truck - a five and a four - brownie and a main- 48 feet of intimidation, a race car and a motorcycle - which every woman on the face of the Earth needs to know how to use? (One) Should I let you know that I am the only one left standing in my birth family of four and that my extended family doesn't know where I fit in even when it goes back over to 1300? (Two) Do I tell you that I am a fiercely loyal friend that will guard your back until the bitter end or until you disrespect me so much that I drop you like a hot potato? (Three) Can I let it be known that I can track you when you head into woods or rock or swamp if you need to be found? (Four) Would you think me combatative if I told you that I can build my own bullets, figure the PSI when fired, and can fancy twirl, build my own leather rig and quick draw a gun so I could sub for a Wild West movie and yet believe that no thing needs to die without defense? (Five) I summon and thank the four quarters of energy every single day because I believe that the Earth as a planet is a living being. I try to make every step count, count on talking to every critter and plant that is put in my path, feed them where I can, and thank the Divine that I am given such oppulence where I live and try to spread it around. (Six) Could I admit to you all that I am clueless about being tagged, what it means and what I'm supposed to do next?? (Seven)
So. I am choosing the ones closest to home. The blogs I've enjoyed and their sprouts. You know who you are. Tag. You're it! And Samate - you opened Pandora's box.


samate said...

I'm opend pandoras box, oh I'm very proud about this!!

Greetings form Germany!!


queenlint1 said...

Ya little shit. Of course you should be proud - you've stirred up a veritable hornet's nest amongst the old, crotchety and infirm.


samate said...

You are one of my favorite blog!!

queenlint1 said...

Yes, and you I would end up tucking up under my left arm like a good loaf of bread. You are full of life, deep thinking and irreplaceable. And I'm honored to be among your favorite anythings.

See how juicy women are??


samate said...

Im sorry, that my English is not good enough, but a glas of Cabernet I would enjoy!! My sister speaks English very well, she lived in England many years and now she stay in Bahrain. Her Internet-Side is in English and in German.

I think I have to learn English, cause the moust beautiful blogs are in English.

Especially yours!!

Greetings from Germany!
From Neanderthal, did you know that?