Saturday, June 24, 2006

People. I will post more after I have recovered!! It was hot and sticky as sex at the Square Foot show. The art was just amazing but you couldn't get more than a moment's view of it for all the people. Air was scarce and space to walk and stand rare. Where did all these art lovers come from?!?? In Tampa? You should see some of the submissions - extraordinary, what I could see of them!

I chatted with the live nude model as she was being body painted - a true happening and checked in on her progress over the evening. But I have to admit that I retreated to the air conditioning of the car with our retinue. Old means never having to say you're sorry.

We three came home and read poetry. That is, Demi and Phyllis read their poetry and I collapsed in a chair. This art show stuff is hard!! Be brave and dilligent. Sometimes art is a challenge meant only for the warrior!


Martha Marshall said...

Well damn, I wrote about the show too, and clean forgot about the body painting, and it was fabulous!

queenlint1 said...

Yes!! And did you notice that all the young men hurried by the installation while the old farts stopped and savored the view!!?? I love old dudes! They know what's important about Sophia!